Levenworth christmas 091813
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Review from czarina8662
Red Velvet 37 events 20 reviews

This was so much fun. Our driver was wonderful--very funny and made the whole trip great. The only tips I would give anyone doing this is---if you park in the Seattle Center parking lot,make sure you pay for the 24 hour time frame. We paid for 12...continued

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Review from bunnyalex
35 events 22 reviews

In spite of terrible weather - rain and snow, our driver took us very professionally there and back. Unfortunately the tour director was not very professional. He was very pleasant and helpful. He offered us snacks and drinks and kept us happy but...continued

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Review from Hendo
41 events 19 reviews

I went with my sisters. We all thoroughly enjoyed this trip. The tour logistics were smooth and the hints for how to time activities in Leavenworth were very helpful.
The lighting was spectacular!
Plan to eat lunch almost as soon as you...continued

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Nancy Tuksaudom
Review from Nancy Tuksaudom
16 events 13 reviews

tour was as promised and highlight was our driver and guide, Joe! He made the drive to and from Leavenworth fun with his jokes, music, and movie and his advice about the city.

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Cheryl Thorn
Review from Cheryl Thorn
12 events 9 reviews

Way, way, way too overcrowded. I would never go on a weekend again. It made the whole experience not fun at all for me. I went back to the bus before the lighting ceremony took place.

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Valerie Madison
Review from Valerie Madison
22 events 7 reviews

Bus was clean & warm. Stops along the way were nice for stretching,refreshing & personal needs! Easy walking from bus lot in Leavenworth to all festivities. Good advice from tour guide to grab lunch as soon as we arrived at 11ish because lines...continued

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Becky LaMonte
Review from Becky LaMonte
13 events 5 reviews

Great bus trip over and back.

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Review from ragallaher
10 events 5 reviews

Leavenworth is a great place to visit at Christmas. The shops and restaurants are friendly and unique. The lights at dusk are spectacular. Kids could rent sleds and sled right in the middle of town. It was really nice to be able to leave the...continued

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Erin Sutter
Review from Erin Sutter
37 events 4 reviews

Bus was uncomfortable. Either too hot or too cold. The speaker for the tour guide as well as for the movies played for the ride home was impossible to hear or understand. It was disappointing and I will just plan to drive myself.

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Review from JMall
6 events 4 reviews

It is a must do event if you can. It was a Fairytale Wonderland and a very delightful day with my teenager. It was Verrry Verrry COLD! The Lighting ceremony was jaw dropping Amazing! I loved the wines from Icicle Winery and the Cherry Chocalate...continued

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Brian Lohr
Review from Brian Lohr
4 events 4 reviews

It's definitely worth the money to not have to drive to and from Leavenworth during this time of year. That being said annoying people on the bus made this a 4/5 star experience. Just know that you might end up sitting next to people who like to...continued

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Review from Newmapmom
9 events 3 reviews

1st trip there for tree lighting and absolutely loved it! Took whole family including 8 & 5 year old along. A holiday must do!

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Karen Gerig
Review from Karen Gerig
6 events 3 reviews

Driver was great. MUST SEE if you have never been. Great trip-but VERY COLD

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Jean Marie Peters
Review from Jean Marie Peters
17 events 3 reviews

I took my niece and nephew (12 and 19). The ride up it pretty boring. And they stopped TWICE for bathroom breaks. When you have two buses of people that's leasily a 30 min stop, so it makes the trip a little slow. On the way home it was only one...continued

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Alma Medina
Review from Alma Medina
5 events 3 reviews

It was beautiful, the town, the Christmas lights, the lake, I had a great time. Only next time I will go there another time. Too much people it was hard to walk. I was not able to see any of the stores. But the trip going there beautiful staff...continued

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Judith Jansson Versey
Review from Judith Jansson Versey
11 events 3 reviews

Wonderful experience all around. The tree lighting was beautiful. I would do this again. The bus ride is comfortable. Our driver Ronald and guide Sheila were professional and made the trip fun. There were good snacks on the bus and we were...continued

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Diane Giarlo
Review from Diane Giarlo
2 events 2 reviews

Enjoyed the entire experience. Bus driver and tour guide were wonderful. Snow started as soon as we got there. It was truly magical!!

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Review from mitziyah
8 events 2 reviews

Great to have a way to get up to Leavenworth (without having to drive ourselves through the snowy passes or deal with parking). Our guide was friendly and gave lots of information on the drive. Unfortunately most of the info was really boring or...continued

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Giancarlo Fatobene
Review from Giancarlo Fatobene
10 events 2 reviews

I found the trip a bit overpriced for what is offered (the bus ride basically). The bus is old and not very comfortable. Leavenworth is beautiful. The festival of lights is remarkable. I really enjoyed the museum of nutcrackers. However, the city...continued

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Sanjay Frank
Review from Sanjay Frank
3 events 2 reviews

I've been on a few of these bus trips and I think the goldstar bus trip is more geared towards an older crowd (ages 50 and up). The pricing is good for what you get but the announcer seemed to be grasping at what he wanted to talk about. My...continued

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