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Mo Keels
Review from Mo Keels
45 events 16 reviews

If I could give this show more then 5 stars it would have it! This was a premiere show and it was awesome, it truly will be a hit!

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Terry Boslaugh
Review from Terry Boslaugh
65 events 10 reviews

It was a fun evening full of laughter.....

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Eric Murphy
Review from Eric Murphy
62 events 10 reviews

Spectacular show! Very funny, emotional, fast-paced, surprising, and beautiful.

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Matthew Arcaro
Review from Matthew Arcaro
39 events 9 reviews

The performances were great (especially the actor playing Daniel), but the play overall was flat. It especially didn't need to be that long as many of the songs were very simple and did not advance the plot or the characters.

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Review from Insangel
28 events 7 reviews

Fantastic modernized tribute to a movie from my childhood. Lydia sang like a dream and Daniel filled some very big shoes!

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Review from jeannie
14 events 7 reviews

This was one of the best musicals I’ve seen in a long time. The way they took the movie and put every important detail and more into song was amazing. The childrens’ singing voices were amazing. Afterwards I decided I liked it better than the...continued

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Theodore Koch
Review from Theodore Koch
5 events 4 reviews

It will be a great Broadway show. Some great musical numbers. Wonderful choreography. Very funny. And a good story.

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Annie McCrea
Review from Annie McCrea
7 events 4 reviews

So good, saw it twice!! Amaxing show!

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Nancy Geiger
Review from Nancy Geiger
48 events 3 reviews

Do not delay. Go, go, go to Mrs. Doubtfire. You won't be disappointed. Hilarity ensues.

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Review from Cynthia
52 events 3 reviews

Very entertaining . Outstanding performance by Mrs Doubtfire!

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Chaz Spahn
Review from Chaz Spahn
5 events 2 reviews

He's no Robin Williams but he made it fun. A couple of the numbers were annoying but most are fantastic. The kids are phenomenal. Not sure I care for a couple of the changes that they made in characters or plot but again, it was a fun night out....continued

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Francine Presti
Review from Francine Presti
34 events 2 reviews

Love it! Hilarious, wonderful music, excellent performances. Rob McClure, wow, the energy it takes to do this roll! He was fabulous! This show will be a smash hit on Broadway.

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Jennifer Miller
Review from Jennifer Miller
1 event 1 review

A great show and a very fun evening with the family!

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Tommie Rubatino
Review from Tommie Rubatino
5 events 1 review

Absolutely amazing. The music was so much fun and the performances of the actors were just incredible. The sets were magnificent; the whole things is fantastic. Worth seeing multiple times.

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Celine Szymczak
Review from Celine Szymczak
2 events 1 review

Amazing show and great experience with Gold star!

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Mimi Jung
Review from Mimi Jung
1 event 1 review

Amazing show and my first Goldstar experience was wonderful!

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Alan Roland Hepworth
Review from Alan Roland Hepworth
1 event 1 review

Brilliant ?

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Tani Erickson
Review from Tani Erickson
0 events 1 review

Delightful, funny and often touching. Lots of great “ bits” to keep things lively. Very talented cast. Walk out feeling uplifted.

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Jesse Roark
Review from Jesse Roark
1 event 1 review

Excellent show.. Goldstar was a quick and easy way to get tickets. Highly recommended!

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Review from ericbachhuber
6 events 1 review

Excellent show! Superb singing. The plot and writing were way better than the movie.

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