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Review from EmpressJess
105 events 8 reviews

I felt that the characters of three out of the four women were caricatures of women, and that the character of Nina Simone was far more obnoxious than she possibly could have been in real life. The character of Sarah, also called Auntie, felt...continued

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Giovanni Sayles
Review from Giovanni Sayles
12 events 6 reviews

The best show I've seen all year!!!!

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Review from TopherSeattle
13 events 5 reviews

Really beautifully done. The acting, singing, costumes & set were all top notch.

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Maureen O'Shaughnessy
Review from Maureen O'Shaughnessy
22 events 5 reviews

Such powerful performances of a part of our herstory that needs to be told and celebrated. Thank you!

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Review from medwriter
16 events 5 reviews

The play came alive when the actors sang but the dialogue felt stilted and the staging was very static. The emotions are heartfelt and the history is very important, but both are delivered unevenly. Still, it is worth seeing, even if missing some...continued

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Review from dug
27 events 4 reviews

I thought this was a Broadway caliber production, both from a writing and performing standpoint to the light, sound and music production aswell. Really outstanding. I loved that they were calling it a "play with music", and that's what it was.

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Review from eeva54
7 events 4 reviews

Loved it! Very well done and the cast was superb telling a story about a fascinating woman many people, especially young people, may not know a lot about. She was truly unique.

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Laura Escalona-Flores
Review from Laura Escalona-Flores
3 events 3 reviews

As someone that never got to see Nina Simone live, I appreciate experiences such as this one that allow me to experience Nina Simone through others. The performers were talented and brought Nina's story to life

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Sr chinn
Review from Sr chinn
29 events 3 reviews

Fantastic play with amazing singers /actresses. I want to see it again because it was so good!

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Tanita Horton
Review from Tanita Horton
5 events 3 reviews

What a dynamic performance and tribute to the ongoing struggle and perseverance of our Beautiful Black People!

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Review from Nikohb
14 events 3 reviews

Wonderful, wish it was longer.

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Review from SusannaB
12 events 2 reviews

A gorgeous performance with powerful themes: the music, the women, Nina herself, all through a vibrant, heart-rending lens provided by the consummate Valerie-Curtis Newton, Jennifer Zeyl's dynamic set, Melanie Burgess's spot on costumes, and more.

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Arden Scott
Review from Arden Scott
4 events 2 reviews

A powerful entertaining performance by all 4 women, the music and words of Nina Simon was dutifully performed by the actors, allowing each to showcase their individual talents. The show certainly succeeded giving the audience a range of emotions...continued

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Shelley Nordlund
Review from Shelley Nordlund
3 events 2 reviews

Amazing acting- great set- good voices. We were so glad we went, and enjoyed every minute of the almost 2 hour performance.

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Natasha Washington
Review from Natasha Washington
14 events 2 reviews

An absolutely Outstanding performance! Powerful, Strong, Direct and Beautifully delivered. Each actress brings an added value to the stage and the ending result is a Masterpiece. I highly encourage you to watch this play and listen to the message....continued

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Joseph Varano
Review from Joseph Varano
24 events 2 reviews

Excellent story. Singing was amazing!

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Review from ButterflyJ
7 events 2 reviews

Excellent play that keeps us aware and focused on truth and history. My wife and I enjoyed the performances of all four of these talented black performers. We commend them for the message because the struggle continues into 2019.

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Randi Rohde
Review from Randi Rohde
4 events 2 reviews

Great script! Loved playwright's concept of basing it on Nina Simone's song "4 Women". The four actresses gave wonderful performances. Each had a unique, beautiful singing voice. Audience was totally into it, too!

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J. Hadiyah Carlyle
Review from J. Hadiyah Carlyle
2 events 2 reviews

The play was fantastic but I had a hard time understanding the cast, even with my hearing aids so I missed alot of the jokes and diaglogue.

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Judith Yarrow
Review from Judith Yarrow
5 events 2 reviews

what a powerhouse show, and splendid actors. We loved it!

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