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Review from TopherSeattle
13 events 5 reviews

Really beautifully done. The acting, singing, costumes & set were all top notch.

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Review from medwriter
16 events 5 reviews

The play came alive when the actors sang but the dialogue felt stilted and the staging was very static. The emotions are heartfelt and the history is very important, but both are delivered unevenly. Still, it is worth seeing, even if missing some...continued

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Review from dug
23 events 4 reviews

I thought this was a Broadway caliber production, both from a writing and performing standpoint to the light, sound and music production aswell. Really outstanding. I loved that they were calling it a "play with music", and that's what it was.

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Sr chinn
Review from Sr chinn
28 events 3 reviews

Fantastic play with amazing singers /actresses. I want to see it again because it was so good!

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Joseph Varano
Review from Joseph Varano
24 events 2 reviews

Excellent story. Singing was amazing!

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Shelley Nordlund
Review from Shelley Nordlund
2 events 1 review

Amazing acting- great set- good voices. We were so glad we went, and enjoyed every minute of the almost 2 hour performance.

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