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Review from WahJ
135 events 63 reviews

Excellent production--acting and set. It was thought provoking. Although the playwright asked the questions, having a point of view with an answer or two would have made a stronger play for me.

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Duanda Ryman
Review from Duanda Ryman
46 events 15 reviews

Absolutely loved this venue... beautiful and historical building. Luckily we attended the final dress rehearsal... ie, performance preview with a public audience... that was a first for us. We loved the story... the set... the actors......continued

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Vimala Koushik
Review from Vimala Koushik
11 events 5 reviews

Amazing acting except the scientist. His voice was not clear. The story was beautiful!

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David Mayer
Review from David Mayer
24 events 3 reviews

Nearly all the actors are excellent and engaging. The story takes a twist, driving very interesting conversations at personal and societal levels. The stage direction is largely good, if a little stiff at times. The set good, considering the...continued

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Laurenne Sayles
Review from Laurenne Sayles
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Great presentation, a twist I never considered regarding reparations. I'm glad I didn't miss it.❤️?❤️

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Susan Petcoff
Review from Susan Petcoff
30 events 1 review

Acting was very good. The concept of the play was effective in explaining epigenetics, inherited trauma responses. The ending was somewhat long and didn’t seem to fit.

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Patti Burke
Review from Patti Burke
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Go see this show. The writing is phenomenal, as is the acting. It is a thoughtful, much-needed exploration of an extremely important and difficult to face topic - namely, the lingering impact of historical trauma. (Spoiler alert: In the end, love...continued

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Cathy Jaramillo
Review from Cathy Jaramillo
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Great discussion and theme. The first scene was a little confusing and hard to hear.
Could be great with s little tweaking, we definitely recommended it to our firends

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Diana Campbell
Review from Diana Campbell
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I loved it! Great acting!

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