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Review from Gwendolyn
52 events 17 reviews

Perhaps it was because this was the 10th performance, but the singing often sounded strained. The dancers were mostly spot-on and there was good interaction with the "body doubles" for different parts. This is one of my favorite movies, so I was...continued

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Joyce Pugh
Review from Joyce Pugh
36 events 10 reviews

This Is Halloween wasn't the show I was expecting. I could criticize much, but the apparent lip-syncing by most -- if not all -- of the cast members and way-too-loud band (which drowned out the wonderful lyrics) were emblematic of my disappointment.

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Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Review from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
34 events 8 reviews

3rd year seeing it - each time it's a little different & absolutely awesome!

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Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Review from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
34 events 8 reviews

Never been to The Triple Door, but it was a great experience. Very odd seating, but every seat gets a great view. Food was great, and garage parking is right next to it for $9. The show itself was totally nuts & thoroughly wonderful.

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Ali Better
Review from Ali Better
13 events 7 reviews

Fun , beautiful & talented performers. The band was exceptional as well.

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Doug Tingvall
Review from Doug Tingvall
37 events 5 reviews

Excellent show! The dancing and choreography was excellent and high energy, the singing was good, sets and costumes were very good and the actor who played Jack was outstanding! Highly recommended!

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Review from seattlegirl
27 events 5 reviews

Fun show! Very professional! Every seat in the theater is a good seat.

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Lehua Lewis-Start
Review from Lehua Lewis-Start
14 events 5 reviews

Loved the show!!! Very entertaining!! Food was good and definitely will be coming back for future shows!

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Susan McIntyre
Review from Susan McIntyre
16 events 5 reviews

The band, dancers and most of the singers were just great! The costumes were excellent too; the only exception was that Jack Skellington's costume was pretty lackluster when compared to all the other costumes, which is odd since the whole story...continued

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Erin Sutter
Review from Erin Sutter
37 events 4 reviews

I recommend this show to everyone (over 21 of course). It was awesome and fun-filled!!

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Marion Moat
Review from Marion Moat
10 events 3 reviews

great time good show and great food, waitress was excellent

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Etienne Monas
Review from Etienne Monas
22 events 3 reviews

It was wonderful. Sound was odd hard to hear words. Perhaps too loud? But the saw was GRWAT. Not one performer was a "weak link". A definite must see. A little Halloween erotica for everyone. Truly delightful. BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Celeste Moody
Review from Celeste Moody
31 events 3 reviews

The food and cocktails were excellent, the service was very good, and the show was cute. Altogether not a bad Wednesday evening, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see the show again; it felt a bit like the choreo of a high school play. Not at...continued

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Lacey Watkins
Review from Lacey Watkins
13 events 3 reviews

This was a great show. This was my first time seeing the Can-Can group and they were fantastic, very talented group. I loved the fact there was a live band playing onstage. All the actors/dancers were just amazing and it was a fun time. I wish the...continued

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Jennifer Bieker
Review from Jennifer Bieker
2 events 2 reviews

a sexy take on an animated film, had a great time, the performers were wonderful.

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Review from sarapiani
7 events 2 reviews

A very entertaining production! Less burlesque than the Can Can's usual shows, but fun and engaging and just enough naughty. Really loved the vampires (fantastic costume interpretation) / Lock, Shock,& Barrel.
We arrived at 6 so we could (mostly)...continued

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Aaron Farance
Review from Aaron Farance
16 events 2 reviews

Always an amazing show and they update it every year, well worth seeing annually! Make sure you check out the Can Can as well as these are all the performers from that show.

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Review from Watermon
24 events 2 reviews

I was AMAZED!!! Way (WAY!) better than I hoped for! Live music! Live Singing! Live Dancing! Well, Everythings better ...LIVE! :)
Go! .......You won't regret it!

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Review from Sassysid
12 events 2 reviews

It's fun. The live band and singers were awesome. It is very LOUD, so if you have an issue with that, bring earplugs! For cheap seats, they were excellent.

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Katheryn Howell
Review from Katheryn Howell
15 events 2 reviews

So much fun! Great campy take on the show

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