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Allen Nelson
Review from Allen Nelson
Red Velvet 237 events 3 reviews

One of the worst plays I have seen in a long time.
I'm not blaming the actors, who I thought were OK
(but not great). But the material they had to work
with is horrible. Why the Rep choose this play to
produce is a mystery to me.

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Marilyn Black
Review from Marilyn Black
Red Velvet 36 events 2 reviews

Great play, compelling actors, lovely audience and theatre. What more could one hope for - a real thrill for me to be present, as an Australian temporarily residing in Seattle.
Thanks Seattle Rep for providing this wonderfully memorable experience!

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Shelby Shoen
Review from Shelby Shoen
48 events 22 reviews

First time I’ve ever seen anything at the rep that I didn’t like. Also the first time nobody stood up at the end. This is mainly because the play is horrible. There is nothing likable or entertaining about either of these brothers. I just paid to...continued

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Duanda Ryman
Review from Duanda Ryman
38 events 15 reviews

I have been blessed to see numerous plays (as a GoldStar patron) at reduced rates. Luckily... this is the ONLY event that I did NOT thoroughly enjoy. The pace was painstakingly slow and the storyline was NOT inspiring nor emotionally moving. ...continued

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Review from Vissidarte
52 events 13 reviews

It was my first Sam Shepard play but I was cautioned: It was chillingly brutal. I considered Lvg @ intermission but wanted 2 experience the ending. It was more devastating than expected! Well done, well executed indeed!

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Kevin G. Gallagher
Review from Kevin G. Gallagher
13 events 5 reviews

1 word - NOPE, hate is too strong a word (Goldstar do you really need that) but 'what the' (add your own word)… a Pulitzer Prize contender?! - musta been a dry year.

Was simply useless, no redeeming value. Started kinda OK - troubled sibling...continued

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Les Parrett
Review from Les Parrett
8 events 5 reviews

Lots of fun and laughter, well worth the trip to Seattle

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Review from NA
30 events 4 reviews

An abrupt and unsatisfying ending!

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Robert H Johnston
Review from Robert H Johnston
9 events 4 reviews

The director and actors brilliantly brought a great script to full life in this production.

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Mary E Walker
Review from Mary E Walker
7 events 3 reviews

One of the actors didnt make his actions believable at all. Some dialog was stilted.

reviewed Jan 31 2020 report as inappropriate
Review from Shelly
8 events 3 reviews

Ridiculous story and over acted. What a mess in so many ways.

reviewed Feb 14 2020 report as inappropriate
Siouxie Jeter-Kocb
Review from Siouxie Jeter-Kocb
24 events 1 review

I was disappointed in this production - it felt mis-cast - there was no tension/fear between the brothers. There was no sense of the deep history between them and what happened within the family dynamic.

No character arch and the climax was...continued

reviewed Feb 08 2020 report as inappropriate
Review from Al
4 events 1 review

It was embarrassing to go to Seattle's finest professional theatre and see actors who had to stop the show to ask for a line (at which point someone backstage shouted out an incorrect line which had already been said -- wasn't the Stage Manager...continued

reviewed Jan 17 2020 report as inappropriate
Ian Prebo
Review from Ian Prebo
1 event 1 review

Let me start with the positives: The stage design, lighting, sound design, and costuming were outstanding. The set had a visceral feel. There were wonderful details, such as nicotine stains on the wall paper that really aided in the suspension of...continued

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Bidisha Biswas
Review from Bidisha Biswas
14 events 1 review

This was a very disappointing rendition of a famous and well-respected play. The acting just fell flat throughout-- there was no energy, no chemistry between the actors, and no vitality to the whole production. Very disappointing production from...continued

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Paul Fior
Review from Paul Fior
8 events 1 review

True West by Sam Shepard
Perhaps because this play was written over 40 years ago, one of the playwright's early works, it feels dated, like we've seen/heard this too often before! The dialogue felt forced in many instances. The actors gave it...continued

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Anne Stevens
Review from Anne Stevens
3 events 1 review

Well done but not great.

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