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Mister Mitch
Review from Mister Mitch
Red Velvet 106 events 53 reviews

The show was fantastic, the crowd appeciative and ended with a standing ovation and the cast willing to share and talk with the crowd after the show ended as opposed to just going backstage.

There is a bit of bad language in the first half of...continued

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Arnold S.
Review from Arnold S.
Red Velvet 64 events 28 reviews

It is a lovely production of a sadly neglected performers oeuvre. The singer/actress portraying the lead did a very credible job of conveying Lady Day's back story and her singing conveyed the basic desperation of her life. The backing band for...continued

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Cory Hendry Jacoby
Review from Cory Hendry Jacoby
Red Velvet 28 events 5 reviews

The performance was outstanding and the band was equally as great. Go see it-! You won't be disappointed.

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Albert Watts
Review from Albert Watts
986 events 810 reviews

Great behind the scenes look at the Jazz icon.

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Review from Richard
105 events 81 reviews

Loved both the acting and the singing. First-rate musicians! The first half is basically done as an interview with a few of the classic Holiday songs thrown in, giving you a background on the singer and her trials and tribulations, specifically...continued

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David Avila
Review from David Avila
125 events 64 reviews

Great job in telling the real story of Billie Holiday, my mom would play her music when i was a kid and talked to me about stories about her. So the story line was on key to Eleanora began to perform the songs she learned while working in the...continued

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Review from REN
93 events 60 reviews

AWESOME SHOW!!!!you'd think it was Lady Day Herself!!!!!!

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Review from REN
93 events 60 reviews

It's Just An Awesome Show......Like Being with Lady Day Herself

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Review from Linda
151 events 59 reviews

Wonderful show. Talented entertainer, very relaxed in her presentation. There was a bonus second half after intermission of her singing with a live jazz combo. An enjoyable evening.

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Theresa Morrison
Review from Theresa Morrison
81 events 41 reviews

My girlfriend flew in from Phoenix and we were both not disappointed. It was great and I plan to go in May with my daughter when she comes home from college. I have already recommended this play to several friends and hope that it gets extended...continued

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Tony Carter
Review from Tony Carter
71 events 34 reviews

This one woman show of the life of Billie Holliday was pulled off only for the fact that the performer was the writer of the piece. I enjoyed the content and even liked the singing as she would weave the songs into the story line. Although I...continued

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Review from arlene
56 events 34 reviews

Valet parked at a restaurant across the street from the theatre. Be careful to read the signs! Not a bad seat in the theatre. Very enjoyable evening. Tonight, I'm going back to the theatre for a different show.

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Shirley Worrels
Review from Shirley Worrels
62 events 32 reviews

Excellent- I plan to return to see it again

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Mark Wands
Review from Mark Wands
112 events 31 reviews

The best show we have seen this year. The enire experience from start to end was excellent

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Jo Ann Matute
Review from Jo Ann Matute
42 events 27 reviews

The performance was great! You could tell that a lot of research went into the telling of the story.
Everyone should see it. Talking with the actors was a plus.

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Review from jrouzan3
61 events 24 reviews

Overall, 3.5 out of 5. Had some slow points, but the message and story were good.

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Sandi Tang
Review from Sandi Tang
76 events 23 reviews

It was incredible......I felt like I was having a very real and intimate evening with Billie herself. I had been trying to see this show for awhile and was so happy that I finally made it this time around.....thanks for giving the opportunity to...continued

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Dr. Carole Carbone
Review from Dr. Carole Carbone
55 events 20 reviews

Absolutely fantastic experience!

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Joe Munoz
Review from Joe Munoz
30 events 17 reviews

I was impressed with the acting and singing skills of the actress Synthia L.Hardy, she was very convincing at portraying Billie Holliday, attending this one woman show made my 4th of July week end complete.

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Clyde L. Brown
Review from Clyde L. Brown
30 events 17 reviews

The way in which the story unfolded was very interesting, and entertaining. The actors were superb and the stage props were very effective. You could almost vision what was happening in Ms. Holidays life as the story unfolded.

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