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Review from Brent
Red Velvet 109 events 106 reviews

A good evening of theatre. The pace of the show somewhat lagged. Coalhouse Walker had an amazing voice along with the Mother put forth a strong performance with great stage presence. The Orchestra was powerful and added to the dynamics of the...continued

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Mark S.
Review from Mark S.
212 events 102 reviews

I did not fully remember how much I loved "Ragtime" until I saw this production. Although it was much smaller than the production I saw at the Schubert theater about ten years ago, this version did it full justice. The perfomers who starred as...continued

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Donna Davidson
Review from Donna Davidson
167 events 33 reviews

Very talented cast!

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Miki Friedman
Review from Miki Friedman
79 events 31 reviews

Really good performance. Wonderful voices, but the music was too loud and drowned out the words many times. The costumes and staging were well done. We and our guests enjoyed it very much.
Hey Goldstar, they gave us box seats. We took our...continued

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Goldstar member
Review from Goldstar member
68 events 21 reviews

Excellent production, with a great cast.

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Georgie Hyman Jamison
Review from Georgie Hyman Jamison
25 events 18 reviews

This was our first visit to this venue.
Production was excellent. Great entertainment.
Comfy seats.
Can't wait for the next performance.

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Review from Merv
48 events 13 reviews

The adults loved it ,but the young ones became bored!

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Mark Long
Review from Mark Long
22 events 12 reviews

Great show. Kevin Yarbrough as Coalhouse Walker Jr. and Lina Gatineau-Elder as Sarah were exceptional. The rest of the cast was very good as well. This was my second time at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center and it won't be my last.

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Doris Sachs
Review from Doris Sachs
46 events 11 reviews

We saw it opening weekend and the live music at times overpowered the voices. I would like to catch all of the dialogue and all of the lyrics so I'll probably return to see it again!

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Maxine Lewis
Review from Maxine Lewis
62 events 10 reviews

I was happily surprised by the high quality performances, singing and staging. A rewarding evening. Some costumes could use better construction, fitting and appearance....

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Review from HTR
11 events 9 reviews

A first-class musical presentation. The essence of the era was movingly portrayed. What a pleasant surprise to find the performers' singing and acting skills worthy of any venue.

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Review from Ann
15 events 9 reviews

First time to the theatre and liked the easy and free parking. The building was architecturally intesting.
The stage had both strong and weak voices. Sometimes it was hard to hear due to poor miking. The play production flowed smoothly and the...continued

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Donna T.
Review from Donna T.
11 events 8 reviews

It was energetic and there were several good cast members. Some however weren't so great. As pretty as the girl is who sings Sarah, I couldn't pick out any of her tunes. She was woefully, painfully out of key the whole time. She was...continued

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A. S.
Review from A. S.
17 events 5 reviews

Pleasant suprise. Voices and staging this difficult musical were surperb!

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Marion Skversky-Clofine
Review from Marion Skversky-Clofine
31 events 5 reviews

the cast was outstanding...the theatre is charming...sometimes it was hard to understand what was being said, but all in all it was a wonderful show

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Kathy Bordner
Review from Kathy Bordner
14 events 4 reviews

I was impressed with the set, costumes, dialogue, music, singing and dancing. A great afternoon of entertainment!

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theater goer
Review from theater goer
8 events 3 reviews

Amazing theatrical experience!

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Review from Nancy
9 events 2 reviews

I was happily surprised ... I was expecting a small theatre show and there was alot of talent. The venue is beautiful, tickets great. Only down side - the audio was either to quiet or too soft. Other than that - wow what a great show.

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Eric G.
Review from Eric G.
7 events 2 reviews

Seats were in the last row of the balcony, but it was a very small venue, so that was no problem. For a local rep performance, pretty good, and my daughter loved the show, as well.

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Gail Wiesen
Review from Gail Wiesen
9 events 2 reviews

Surprisingly excellent performance in the heart of Simi Valley! A large and, for the most part, wonderful cast in a charming and comfortable small theater. Looking forward to going again!

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