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Review from BP
Red Velvet 125 events 87 reviews

“Victoria’s Room” started out with a kind Elderly Couple who met a Young Couple at a restaurant. The Young Woman in the Young Couple bore a striking resemblance to Veronica, who is dead. Veronica was the sister of a woman who was close to death....continued

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Review from G
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Charles Roche
Review from Charles Roche
11 events 5 reviews

Well acted, interesting play.

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Review from Elica
5 events 2 reviews

I loved it! Shocking ending!

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Lindsey Peppel
Review from Lindsey Peppel
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Nice plot twist! The acting was really good, the plot was fantastic, it had us on the edge of our seats.

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Rosalba Setterstrom
Review from Rosalba Setterstrom
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This play is good. Had me in suspense thru out the whole play.

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Susan Garrison
Review from Susan Garrison
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Thoroughly entertaining, and the cast was great!

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