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Review from bosauthor
Red Velvet 49 events 8 reviews

This was a lot of fun - with a bit of naughtiness and a touch of kink tossed in. The dancers were beautiful, the singing duo of Lydia and Will was enjoyable and the comedian was good for some chuckles. It’s the kind of offbeat entertainment you...continued

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Review from Alex
125 events 25 reviews

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety show. A combination of singing, comedy and burlesque all were very talented and fun!

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Review from iona
48 events 16 reviews

Performers were pretty good. I'm not a prude but the comedienne was too much. Didn't really know what to expect but generally I liked it.

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Review from Stacy
62 events 15 reviews

Funny... provocative...Burlesque with a great BIG heart!
Some acts were not as polished as others but this is what art is about....
Hysterically funny comedian!
Apparently acts change monthly so can't wait to go again!

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Review from TheMimiSays
34 events 13 reviews

There have been some good Smoke & Shadows nights, but the July one blew them all out of the water. Benji Bombay! Spinny Bitch and Sindy Katrotic! And Dale Stones! What an incredible line up!

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Review from TheMimiSays
34 events 13 reviews

This was my second time attending Smoke & Shadows and it was another fun night of sexy burlesque, great comedy, and incredible musical talent. The diversity of the performers was (again) terrific. I hope this monthly event is long-running!

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Review from TheMimiSays
34 events 13 reviews

What a terrific, well-curated show! The performers were all excellent and the host/emcee did a fabulous job.

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Pati Corcoran
Review from Pati Corcoran
8 events 5 reviews

I did not care for the female rapper/singer at all. Other than her two performances, I really enjoyed the show.

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Danielle Bond
Review from Danielle Bond
10 events 3 reviews

Fantastic show! Every performance was wonderfully creative. Elsa is an engaging hostess that creates a comfortable and fun atmosphere. I will be back.

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Burak Efeturk
Review from Burak Efeturk
3 events 2 reviews

Creative show with some exciting twists

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Kit Stubbs
Review from Kit Stubbs
2 events 1 review

Fabulous show! A great mix of talented performers. I'll definitely be back!

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Demetrius Smith
Review from Demetrius Smith
8 events 1 review

Great show so much entertainment!

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Robyn Cerrone
Review from Robyn Cerrone
4 events 1 review

The show was very entertaining, I could have done without the comedy act.

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