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Review from GoldstarProfileName
26 events 19 reviews

The food was not bad, but was not generous or memorable. There was a small, healthy salad (two choices in dressing). The next course was a huge pile of mashed potatoes and slices of roast beef (not steak to my mind). Quality was quite...continued

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Rene J. Dion
Review from Rene J. Dion
13 events 9 reviews

Fun, fun, great dinner, wonderful people! Great laughs.

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Review from Lisa
7 events 7 reviews

Show was great! Very fun and interactive! Good food as well! Overall had a great time :) If you aren’t one for group participation, don’t go otherwise it is a good time!

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Shelley Pennington
Review from Shelley Pennington
14 events 6 reviews

Acting was superb. The play is very witty. There were actors hidden everywhere and we definitely did not guess that there were a few at our table! The pacing is good; you have time to eat a course before more action starts, and there are frequent...continued

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Ter Bear
Review from Ter Bear
11 events 5 reviews

This event was very interactive and entertaining, the end result was surprising as well. I loved it.

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Review from bellabbelle
18 events 4 reviews

It was fun. But I wish the storyline and clues were better put together so that solving the mystery was possible. Overall, a very fun experience

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Review from Pit20
3 events 3 reviews

I really enjoyed the event and was glad to go there on my wife's birthday with her and a friend. We are both vegetarian and thought the food was good but not amazing. The 2 main actors in the show were very entertaining and I would happy see them...continued

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Melanie Lovell
Review from Melanie Lovell
16 events 3 reviews

I was pleasantly surprised by this show. This was like an escape room paired with a wedding reception. The food was good, the venue was easy to find, and the actors were fantastic! Very impressive ad-libbing by all and the mystery was definitely a...continued

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Juliana Borgiani Geiger
Review from Juliana Borgiani Geiger
16 events 2 reviews

Actors are not that good, food could be better.

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Juliana Borgiani Geiger
Review from Juliana Borgiani Geiger
16 events 2 reviews

It was too expensive for what was offered. Food was OK, actors were OK.

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Angela Mai
Review from Angela Mai
2 events 2 reviews

Plot/event felt disorganized. Mostly reliant on socializing between strangers (could get awkward). Actors weren't descriptive about the incidents and the ultimate culprit made little connection to the clues. Atmosphere was a little fancy dining...continued

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Dorothy Vacca
Review from Dorothy Vacca
10 events 2 reviews

This is a venue for the younger set. I liked the idea very much and it started off really well with each of us choosing a false identity. The ideas of the show is clever and creative. However, it was downhill from there with too much slapstick...continued

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Tina Bell
Review from Tina Bell
1 event 1 review

A lot of fun! I will be back!

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Edward Carver
Review from Edward Carver
3 events 1 review
Ruth Ianson
Review from Ruth Ianson
5 events 1 review

It was a very fun evening. The plot was pretty complicated, but someone figured it out, so I guess I just wasn't smart enough. There was a good-sized crowd, but we weren't too packed together. Actors were fun--good at ad libbing with the...continued

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Beth Brooks
Review from Beth Brooks
2 events 1 review

It was fun, but would be better if printed materials were updated. (Update the dates noted on things; I believe there was something that was going to happen in 2014. I may have the year slightly off, but it was definitely in the past!

Food could...continued

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Review from Bonita
5 events 1 review

Show was very entertaining and the meal was okay

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Bridget Burke
Review from Bridget Burke
1 event 1 review

The actors were great and the dinner was yummy!! The murderer was tricky to figure out but still possible if you reviewed all of the evidence carefully. Very enjoyable! One thing that would've made it better is if we didn't have to site with...continued

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Nate Black
Review from Nate Black
12 events 1 review

The actors were great, the food was decent, and the mystery was okay. Definitely a better experience for extroverts than introverts.

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Minelva LaPlante
Review from Minelva LaPlante
3 events 1 review

The Actors that played the detectives did too much talking to the audience and not enough suspense and comedy. The food was not good and upset my stomach I will not see this play in Boston again. I will see what other cities have to offer.

reviewed Dec 28 2019 report as inappropriate
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