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Laura Wolfe
Review from Laura Wolfe
Red Velvet 37 events 16 reviews

What a hoot! Fun from the time they check you in and give you a grand Irish name tag. So quick witted and clever - love the audience participation!!! Would definitely go again!!! Good one to bring fun friends to see!!! Thanks cast for a great...continued

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Review from lkwolthoff
18 events 11 reviews

What fun! Watching them improv and try to throw off the other actors was great. Makes me want to go again to see how it changes!

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Review from ChrisA
19 events 10 reviews

It was fun! Very audience-involved, with loosely scripted format using a lot of improv.

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Thomas Higgins
Review from Thomas Higgins
17 events 9 reviews

improv is an art. one that I have only had only a small taste of success with. So when I see other succeed it floors me. Flanagan's had its moments.

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Sue Killeen
Review from Sue Killeen
22 events 6 reviews
Review from Laura
14 events 4 reviews

It was a great evening! We really enjoyed ourselves. The Camp Bar handled everything well from tickets to suggesting that we can order from 2 restaurants that deliver.?

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Kirsten Schaenzer
Review from Kirsten Schaenzer
19 events 3 reviews

My sister and I had such fun watching/interacting with these guys. It was hilarious, the cast even thought so as they broke a couple times. I love these kind of improvement type plays.

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Clem Kiddle
Review from Clem Kiddle
9 events 3 reviews

The sound quality was very weak -- couldn't understand about 25% of it.

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Lori Holdridge
Review from Lori Holdridge
4 events 2 reviews

Enjoyed the vibe in the bar before the show but thought the show itself to be very bad. Really bad fake Irish accents, some fun with the improv but we left at intermission. One piece of advice - no food is allowed in the theater so eat before or...continued

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Jerry Schrank
Review from Jerry Schrank
4 events 2 reviews

The show was wonderful, the ticket management was horrendous. Not listed on the roster even after purchasing reserved, not general seating, tickets. Not sure if this is a lack of communication between Goldstar and the theater company, or poor...continued

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Denise Laska
Review from Denise Laska
8 events 2 reviews

We had a blast. So.....happy I belong to this site!

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Review from Stacy
2 events 1 review

Apart from the long wait for drinks before the performance and specifically during intermission, everything else was great!

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Margaret Lehmicke
Review from Margaret Lehmicke
3 events 1 review

Flanagan's Wake was hilarious, and the CAMP staff did an excellent job!

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Rachel Beutz
Review from Rachel Beutz
5 events 1 review

Fun and Witty! Small intimate venue

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Tim D Kiel
Review from Tim D Kiel
4 events 1 review

Fun atmosphere, cast greeting was fun. second time there. I would go back and suggest it to others. Good time and simple

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Sarah Kramm
Review from Sarah Kramm
2 events 1 review

Great cast, amazing improv skills! Interacted with the crowd fantastically!

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Don Witcha
Review from Don Witcha
1 event 1 review

Great fun, interactive comedy! Bring your friends, leave your inhibitions at the door and sing the "Danny Boy" for the pole dancin' Flanigan!

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Constance Wiegel
Review from Constance Wiegel
1 event 1 review

There was a lot of improve in the show and the actors were quick and clever. Lots of energy and laughs, plus you can drink beer (in fact you're encouraged to drink beer) during the show!

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Dorinda Holland
Review from Dorinda Holland
4 events 1 review

Very funny. It was a little to warm in the theather.

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Sue Ware
Review from Sue Ware
1 event 1 review

We had a FABULOUS time Saturday night at Flanagan's Wake. The actors were FANTASTIC in their roles. My personal favorite was Father Whatawaste.....I mean, Father Fitzgerald~

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