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Review from Joan
Red Velvet 146 events 39 reviews

Lively, amusing and terrific fight/dueling scenes.

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avid theatre-goer
Review from avid theatre-goer
252 events 225 reviews

The show was a nice take and an inventive re-imagining of the classic tale.

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Review from Scott859
114 events 7 reviews

This joint production by Greater Boston Theater and Front Porch Theater is fantastic! Predominantly cast with people of color, this production was well produced, directed and acted--with women cast and several lead roles that typically are played...continued

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Mary A Carlson
Review from Mary A Carlson
4 events 4 reviews

What a great show! It was thrilling and hilarious and touching. The fight scenes were so exciting I was glad I was in the second row. Then again, the fight scenes were so exciting that I was glad I wasn't in the FIRST row.
Congratulations to all...continued

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Review from toni
4 events 3 reviews

All in all it was very good. Don’t go expecting a traditional version of the 3 Musketeers. However it was done well & very entertaining. It the 1st time at the Stoneham theatre and it was lovely. Check it out!

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Michael Parry
Review from Michael Parry
53 events 3 reviews

Sound was not as well as it could be.

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Anthony D'ambrosio
Review from Anthony D'ambrosio
5 events 2 reviews

A waste of an evening for my wife and I. A poor attempt at farsical humor.

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Erik R Olsen
Review from Erik R Olsen
23 events 2 reviews

Hard for me to make any positive comments. As my wife and I walked out after the Lesbian kiss. What an insult to The 3 musketeers and Alexandre Dumas the author.

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Liana Catino
Review from Liana Catino
2 events 1 review

Great cast!

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Meredith Sherter Benston
Review from Meredith Sherter Benston
13 events 1 review

Great show - both fun and funny! Cast was excellent, beautiful and comfortable theater.

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Valerie Smith
Review from Valerie Smith
4 events 1 review

Great show!

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Review from Claudine
7 events 1 review

Show was fine. Seats good. I want to comment on the service charge. A $15 ticket with a $7 service charge! That's almost 50% . Seems way out of line to me.

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Review from Steve
13 events 1 review

This was a fun energetic event, with a clever new take on the traditional 3 musketeers. Some actors were very good, others just ok. It reminded me of an excellently quality high school performance. Set was impressive, and used impressively,...continued

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