Don mcmillan
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Robert A.
Review from Robert A.
Red Velvet 475 events 394 reviews

I have followed Don's career ever since he was a single nerd engineer doing his great and funny act. He was a great writer of comedy back then and he has stayed that way. His act got funnier when be began dating as an adult, then became hilarious...continued

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Review from Alan
Red Velvet 315 events 138 reviews

McMillan got more laughs out of Venn diagrams, truth tables, and general tech geekiness than I would have thought possible. My friends (one more geeky than I, one less) enjoyed him too; McMillan's genial aspect is pretty comfortable. I also...continued

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Laura Singer
Review from Laura Singer
Red Velvet 87 events 12 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed Don's portion of the program, so much so that I bought a copy of his DVD -- and look forward to seeing him perform again. The opening comic (and MC) was good, but I could have done without the other two comics, whose style and...continued

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Review from Delma
Red Velvet 21 events 5 reviews

Don was fantastic! His style was comfortable, engaging, intelligent, and FUNNY! He rolled with the punches and accommodated the desires of the audience. A real professional. I'll definitely see him again and bring more friends next time. I,...continued

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Mike Bower
Review from Mike Bower
43 events 22 reviews

One of the mot creative comedians today.

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Review from LL
37 events 16 reviews

One of the opening acts was Jeff Klinger. I'd never heard of him before and I really think Jeff is some one to watch. His comedic delivery is spot-on and I really enjoy his self-deprecating sense of humor. I'd go see Jeff Klinger again.

As for...continued

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Nathan Brookwood
Review from Nathan Brookwood
57 events 9 reviews

McMillan deflates all the corporate myths as seen from the viewpoint of an engineer. A live version of Dilbert. Riotously funny. Make sure your health insurance is up to date in case you split a rib laughing.

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Review from Sharon
23 events 9 reviews

We LOVED this show!

Don is WONDERFUL! This was our first time, and his comedy is superb. We just loved the originality, satire, and "techiness" (although anyone who's ever worked in an office will be laughing). This comic has a niche that...continued

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Mary Luboyeski-Nelson
Review from Mary Luboyeski-Nelson
11 events 6 reviews

Really enjoyed his humor. We had a great time.

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Bill Stevens
Review from Bill Stevens
28 events 4 reviews

Don has a unique delivery with visual charts. I am an engineer and fully appreciate his technical perspective and approach to the funnier side of life. I have been enjoying him for years.

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Review from Ginoharmonica
14 events 4 reviews

Don is the real deal. His material and delivery are excellent. I've seen him many times and love the fact that he always has new stuff. The best part is the audience relates to the real life situations that Don gives humorous observation to. Way...continued

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Bill Stevens
Review from Bill Stevens
28 events 4 reviews

Good fun and atmosphere

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Review from Sofya
6 events 3 reviews

Don is amazing! Great show!

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Rosemary Matey Coates
Review from Rosemary Matey Coates
6 events 3 reviews

Don was hilarious. We had a great time. I cant wait to see him again.

Rooster T Feathers is a mess at the entrance. You should allow at least 30 minutes just to get past the bottleneck at the door.


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Review from chuti
19 events 3 reviews

He kept us laughing all the way. Highly recommend it.

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Review from Swati
6 events 3 reviews

He was very funny and witty.

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Review from dh490311
18 events 3 reviews

I thought Don was hilarious. I was concerned that I had already seen too much of his act on YouTube, but he had plenty of material I hadn't seen, and indicated that some of his stuff he had added the day of the show. I bought two of his DVDs after...continued

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Review from mawills
11 events 3 reviews

This guy is hilarious, especially to those of us in the business world today. The opening acts were also quite funny, so it was a rare treat to have 3 good comedians in one night.

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Connie Boulay
Review from Connie Boulay
10 events 2 reviews

Great fun, especially for us nerdy Silcon Valley people, everytime he asked nerdy or regular, we loudly responded nerdy! Laughed a lot!

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Sherri Sumner
Review from Sherri Sumner
13 events 2 reviews

He proved to be laugh out loud funny without being gross or sexist. Bravo!! Very different. Worth seeing.

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