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Sunnyvale Theatre
at Sunnyvale Community Center 550 East Remington Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94087
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“It looked like a good thing…” So begins this uproarious tale of a brilliant scheme gone awry, which captures all the charm and exaggerated comedy of O. Henry’s classic story. Two bungling con men, Bill Driscoll and Sam Porter, in an attempt to quickly garner funds to pull off a land fraud scheme, decide to kidnap a child from

a rural town and demand a large ransom for the child’s return. Their choice of victim, the feisty offspring of a prominent citizen, gives them more than they bargained for! Their “victim”, who assumes the title of “Red Chief”, believes that Bill and Sam’s scheme is actually a camping adventure, and the little captive takes control!


Red Chief christens Bill “Old Hank the Trapper” and renames Sam “Snake-Eye the Spy”. Ready to go into battle at the slightest provocation, Red Chief inflicts terror onto the captors, while they try to communicate their terms to the Dorset family and threaten to send their captive home for acting up!  With Red Chief, life goes from bad to worse as the ransom plans undergo unexpected twists and turns! Finally, in response to Bill and Sam’s demands, Red Chief’s family declares that only if the captors pay them $200 will they take the child back! Bill and Sam count out their dollars as they wearily accept defeat at the hands of a nine-year-old, but welcome the opportunity to finally be rid of Red Chief!

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