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Review from Andrea
23 events 5 reviews

A Streetcar Named Desire was a nice afternoon play to see with my friend. I’ve never seen this play, nor movie, and always wanted to. I was really happy to see it appearing on Goldstar. I really like the smaller theaters - especially the ones that...continued

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Jo Chavez
Review from Jo Chavez
25 events 4 reviews

Excellent. Very nice and professional venue. Great actors. Would love to attend another show there.

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Tracy Burns
Review from Tracy Burns
19 events 3 reviews

This is an extremely well directed and acted production. The story was told with heart and soul. I loved that the actors were grounded and did not fall into the trap of being over the top Southern. A standing ovation for both Stella and Blanche!

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Margarita Fleener
Review from Margarita Fleener
1 event 2 reviews

Really enjoyed the performance. Took my nephew for his birthday and he was entranced. Will definitely return to this theater!

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Robert Ohm
Review from Robert Ohm
6 events 2 reviews

They nailed it! Cody Dull and cast deserve to be commended for the job they do at this gem in the west valley!

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Brenda Ledene
Review from Brenda Ledene
1 event 1 review

Fantastic acting! First time at that venue, will definitely go back!!

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Willam Gerrard
Review from Willam Gerrard
1 event 1 review

I thought the acting was superb especially Blanche. All the characters were well-developed. The set really set the tone and was ingenious for such a small space. The two and half hours flew by. It was a great theatre experience.

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Bob Coppola
Review from Bob Coppola
1 event 1 review

The cast was superb. Blanche, in particular, who was both strong while broken at the same time... A very difficult role to reprise, and she was particularly outstanding

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Heidi Herman-Kerr
Review from Heidi Herman-Kerr
2 events 1 review

Very nice venue, great set design, enjoyable prodution.

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