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Mark Marcus
Review from Mark Marcus
Red Velvet 483 events 121 reviews

When we arrived at the Universal City Walk for "Howl at the Moon' we were surprised to find out that it is permanently closed at this location.

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Alice Luk
Review from Alice Luk
Red Velvet 213 events 36 reviews

Live Bands were great. But expect more of Latin music to celebrate Cino De Mayo.

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Pooja Nair
Review from Pooja Nair
Red Velvet 159 events 15 reviews

I love Howl at the Moon, but Thursdays have no cover, so even the comp tickets weren't worth it because of the service fee. I highly recommend going to the venue on a Thursday, but don't bother with the Goldstar "comp" tickets because you don't...continued

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Rod Roberts
Review from Rod Roberts
Red Velvet 4 events 1 review

Great way to spend a Saturday evening listening to dueling pianos and great musicians perform a variety of hit songs spanning the 60's through the present.

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Matt Yabs
Review from Matt Yabs
93 events 35 reviews

Drinks were lousy but cheap. I requested 3 songs, they only sang 1. The performers seemed very self indulgent with their act as opposed to just singing back and forth with what the audience was requested. It felt like they do the same schtick...continued

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Diane Reeve
Review from Diane Reeve
50 events 13 reviews

Lots of fun - no food and drinks are expensive, but we enjoyed it!!

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Review from C-BALLIN
39 events 9 reviews

Always fun if you like a loud environment with lots of people. It's not for everyone but for me, it is and it's great and will go again in the future.

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Review from C-BALLIN
39 events 9 reviews

Very fun. No food though which was a little drag but fun environment. Drinks a plenty. You're going to stand if you don't get there early early. Can be very crowded like a dance club.

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Lyle Epps
Review from Lyle Epps
20 events 7 reviews

expensive drinks, wrong crowd

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Robyn Sheiniuk
Review from Robyn Sheiniuk
41 events 7 reviews

The singers were terrible

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Matthew Yates
Review from Matthew Yates
11 events 6 reviews

I went on a Sunday, which appears to be one of their slow nights (and also where the drinks are 1/3 price). The pianists were good musicians and okay singers, but had all the stage presence of toast. The drinks were small. I had three and was...continued

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Review from tms
39 events 5 reviews

great entertainment

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Chely Bean
Review from Chely Bean
18 events 4 reviews

Had a great time! I would advise to get there early so that you can get a seat. There aren’t too many tables in there. We got there at 8pm when there were hardly any people there but it was great to get a table, chairs, no waiting in line for the...continued

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Review from sandbaron
29 events 3 reviews

Fun evening. Good crowd. Mostly talented performers. No breaks in the action, which is great. But, not as much comedy as other dueling piano shows I've visited (Including Howl at The Moon New Orleans). For whatever reason, there are a lot of...continued

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Kassandra Rountree
Review from Kassandra Rountree
13 events 3 reviews

Get there early if you want a place where you can see the stage. Some of the performers were great, others were just ok.

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Tracy Bateman
Review from Tracy Bateman
18 events 3 reviews

The sound was not carrying throughout the venue so it was hard to hear in the back - by the time we got there seating was gone so it was standing room only; great for the younger crowd but not us so much. thank you!

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Karen Anguiano
Review from Karen Anguiano
19 events 2 reviews

I really had no idea what I was getting I to but I loved it! I'm a big fan of music. we did get there a little early but I loved the environment! Everyone was singing and even dancing!

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Paulo Carvalho
Review from Paulo Carvalho
3 events 1 review

Amazing dueling pianos, great energy, awesome singers.

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Review from Cheng
1 event 1 review

Boring crowd

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Heather Binns
Review from Heather Binns
1 event 1 review

Evening was fun with our friends but the drinks are not worth it. Also wish they had food.

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