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Roxanne Yahner
Review from Roxanne Yahner
332 events 141 reviews

This is a gem! Wonderful writing that explores the unlikely friendship of two seemingly very different men. Very good casting of two terrific actors. Direction top-notch. All staging elements executed well. Run-don't-walk to grab a seat to this...continued

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Review from Jim
569 events 120 reviews

An engrossing look at creativity and a fascinating speculation on the personal qualities of Warhol that made him such an attractive figure to so many people.

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Gregory Marconi
Review from Gregory Marconi
129 events 97 reviews

Cute little short play. It really "popped" for me in the final scene as that is when Andy's true character came out and his co-star became a character you really appreciated.

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Review from baf
143 events 78 reviews

We loved it! Excellent writing, acting 1st rate, small theatre, so sound was good (I have a hearing disability/no complaints). For the very reasonable cost, I’d encourage anyone who enjoys a thought-provoking, imaginative theatre experience to...continued

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Bob Lentz
Review from Bob Lentz
109 events 67 reviews

This is an incredible production with two magnificent actors, and a wonderful set. Don't miss it!

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Review from Kurt
82 events 25 reviews

It's a fascinating snapshot of Andy Warhol before he became an iconoclastic public figure. Both actors provide convincingly authentic performances that draw the audience into the story. Those from Pittsburgh will appreciate the local references...continued

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Gerilynn Berg
Review from Gerilynn Berg
60 events 22 reviews

Loved the show!! Acting was superb - especially the actor who played Warhol - he was exceptional!!!!

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Review from Margie
27 events 17 reviews

I found this to be a charming story that held my attention throughout. The actors did a wonderful job, and the play was extremely well written. It's also a treat if you happen to be from Pittsburgh.
The theatre is intimate and comfortable.

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Barbara Shatz Seid
Review from Barbara Shatz Seid
68 events 11 reviews

Thanks so much for arranging special seating. Barbara

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Irving Bied
Review from Irving Bied
34 events 10 reviews

I loved the performance and thought the acting was superb.

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Review from Barb
62 events 8 reviews

Wonderful acting. Interesting story about Andy Warhol’s early days. Derek Chariton as Andy was incredible. He obviously studied the characters’ mannerisms and voice for the role. Don’t miss it!

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Cynthia Kahn
Review from Cynthia Kahn
23 events 7 reviews

Great play! Great acting! “Andy Warhol’s Tomato” is refreshingly original, intimate and unpredictable. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. A must see!

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B Milliken
Review from B Milliken
17 events 5 reviews

Adroit but not simplistic writing. Superb acting. Upon leaving, positive thoughts of reaching out and understanding each other.

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Renee Berghoff
Review from Renee Berghoff
14 events 3 reviews

Lovely, small theatre. Cast was fantastic!

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Apryll Nakamura
Review from Apryll Nakamura
1 event 1 review

A friend Recommended the play. We celebrated her birthday at the play (She sought twice), and it was wonderful. Normally think of plays as “good But not great” when it is hyped up. However, I was not disappointed. It is a delightful theater with...continued

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Philip A May
Review from Philip A May
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Both Keith and Derek were terrific. I really felt like I was watching these two characters interact with each other at that point in time. It was both funny and very touching at times. I particularly enjoyed how Keith really found the artistic...continued

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Carol Lonero
Review from Carol Lonero
187 events 1 review

It was a gem....great acting and a very moving story.

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Review from howard
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Lovely play. It would be nice if the Mark Taper could be as consistently good in their choices as the little Pacific Resident Theater. Smart, extremely well acted, nicely produced. Go see it!

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Gayle Windman
Review from Gayle Windman
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Thought provoking will see it again thank you

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