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Roxanne Yahner
Review from Roxanne Yahner
Red Velvet 297 events 130 reviews

Ignore the amateur graphics on the promo materials which make one believe this is a dumb rom-com. Nothing could be further from the truth! This show includes a smart, modern sci-fi story and good actors portraying the characters. The intimate...continued

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Ira T.
Review from Ira T.
Red Velvet 151 events 66 reviews

The first few minutes lead you to think you're in boring sitcom territory...and then WHAM! Every idea you had about romance, comedy, family relationships and science is turned on its head!
The writing, acting, especially the 3 main leads, and...continued

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LA Theater Lover
Review from LA Theater Lover
468 events 307 reviews

Very very clever original play. Some limited profanity. 95 minutes. Strongly suggest for all adults to attend!

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carmen paul
Review from carmen paul
195 events 151 reviews

The acting was fantastic. I was just into the theme.

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Bob Lentz
Review from Bob Lentz
89 events 48 reviews

dynamite show! fantastic performances! mind-boggling!

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Love Hearts
Review from Love Hearts
107 events 42 reviews

Very interesting premise. Well acted and thought provoking.

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Linda Smukler
Review from Linda Smukler
54 events 20 reviews

Interesting imaginative concept and great acting. A bit repetitive though

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Review from peggerpoo2@verizon.net
20 events 14 reviews

Fun and thought provoking play. The Acting is stellar.

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Review from kc
109 events 12 reviews

Clever plot, funny, touching, wonderfully acted. Loved it!! See it.

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Review from S
39 events 8 reviews

Really enjoyed this show. It’s a must see for any sci fi fan.

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Richard Brill
Review from Richard Brill
13 events 6 reviews

Well written and acted thought provoking play melding our emotions with technology. Really interesting and will give you much to talk about

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Review from hmfields
16 events 5 reviews

Great acting, interesting dialogue and certainly thought provoking.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
18 events 5 reviews

Great over all Play, wasn't as funny as I was expecting from reading other reviews, however the 4 person cast was amazing, I truly felt like a fly on the wall of a home with relationships having drama, funny parts, ideas to ponder and pure...continued

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Review from Randee
15 events 5 reviews

Wonderful show-characters were fabulous and storyline really great. Dealing with loss myself and helping my own children I really understood the story. Zachary Grant was fabulous!

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Review from NOway
19 events 4 reviews

Well acted, quirky, thoughtful play

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Review from Ilaria
22 events 2 reviews

What a great work! The actors were so good and at the end we were getting emotional with them!
Rare ability to move people at the theater and interesting thought provoking story

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Shela Patel
Review from Shela Patel
7 events 1 review

The acting was stellar. The plot itself had a number of themes which weren't fully developed. However, the idea of artificial intelligence is certainly close to us now and the play provided abundant food for thought. The Pacific Playhouse...continued

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Jan Frank
Review from Jan Frank
5 events 1 review

The timing was a little slow but overall I liked it.

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