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Greg Williams
Review from Greg Williams
Red Velvet 170 events 66 reviews

An outstanding production. Great cast, excellent story and wonderful set and lights. A must see for serious theater lovers!

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Kateri Ruddy
Review from Kateri Ruddy
Red Velvet 88 events 1 review

Highly recommend. Incredible acting, lovely set, loved it.

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Philip C Brown
Review from Philip C Brown
178 events 97 reviews

I had an excellent, up close seat for this 90-minute, no intermission performance. It was followed by an interesting and enlightening conversation with the dramaturg. I had read some critical reviews from the show on Broadway and while I can...continued

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Review from g
98 events 77 reviews

Some good acting and blocking
Overall a good production but not a memorable one

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Review from James
102 events 35 reviews

The Doll House, Part 2- DC Power Cast plays off Ibsen’s great play, and explores it further. I thank Goldstar for getting me off my duff to see this play with a “free” ticket offer ($10 administrative fee, but who’s counting?). I had doubts and...continued

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Kcin Andrex
Review from Kcin Andrex
75 events 28 reviews

Superb! Great acting and story line. Enjoyed theater too except for the seat which difficult to sit on as it was damaged.

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Review from Jim
40 events 17 reviews

I was seated near the open captioning screen; it was occasionally distracting. The acting was great; the costumes were great; the set was strange and inappropriate. Some of the dialogue rang false: too 21st century. Why would a young woman refer...continued

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Review from cathienova
34 events 6 reviews

An excellent reinterpretation of A Doll's House, with some of the top actors, including personal favorites, Holly Twyford and Nancy Robinette. All the acting was superb. The actor who played Nora's daughter and the actor who played her "ex"...continued

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Review from natarajg
16 events 6 reviews

The actors were very accomplished and realistic and the diction was very clear and I did not miss a single word. The period costumes were authentic and it was very professionally done.

The only complaint I have is not with the play, but the...continued

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Review from Mayita
39 events 5 reviews

One of the best plays this year.

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Review from friedler
36 events 5 reviews

The actor and actresses in this play were outstanding. The dialogue was well presented without having to struggle to hear. The set was to the point. We were not disappointed and will continue to see plays with Nancy Robinette, Craig Wallace and...continued

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Bernard Welt
Review from Bernard Welt
59 events 4 reviews

A truly great play. Having seen it before, I'm aware that there's a kind of comedy in Nora's selfawareness, a lighter touch, that this production may not have hot on entirely. But we saw it in previews. It's a great cast in a terrific play, and...continued

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Nancy Hicks
Review from Nancy Hicks
6 events 4 reviews

Outstanding play, beautiful performances. Will recommend to all my theater-loving friends!

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John Moens
Review from John Moens
9 events 4 reviews

We both loved it. My friend used to review plays so her opinion, while no less fervent is more qualified. We both thought the acting was outstanding. We have seen the make lead before and I took it for granted that he would be outstanding, but...continued

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Review from Eascen
17 events 2 reviews

Amazing dialogue.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
17 events 2 reviews

As subtle as a brick. This play had none of the delicacy or nuance of the original, and the characters were unrecognizable from Ibsen’s classic.

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Judy Portnoy
Review from Judy Portnoy
6 events 2 reviews

Excellent acting. Well-written script presenting four points of view.
Not predictable.

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Roxane Bouten
Review from Roxane Bouten
6 events 2 reviews

I enjoyed the play very much. The one thing that bothered me throughout though was that the costumes did not fit three of the four actors! It was very distracting.

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Review from Rupertpb
9 events 2 reviews

Interesting, intriguing, fascinating....a wonderful evening in the theater.

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Lisa Josephson Straus
Review from Lisa Josephson Straus
5 events 2 reviews

My seats were excellent and I enjoyed the play tremendously! The actors were fantastic!

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