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Jane Jasper
Review from Jane Jasper
Red Velvet 112 events 24 reviews

Excellent play and beautifully performed

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Flo Mills
Review from Flo Mills
Red Velvet 25 events 5 reviews

A story that touches every parent who cares about the common good as well as what is best for their own child. Wonderfully written and performed. Always a dilemma for good people but the issue dealt with is miraculously current.

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Ivan Santos
Review from Ivan Santos
Red Velvet 108 events 3 reviews

Amazing cast. Such a timely show for so many reasons.

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Philip C Brown
Review from Philip C Brown
167 events 91 reviews

Reading the program and other materials, I was prepared for a serious play about race consciousness and college admissions. What I saw was a comedy that might best be subtitled “Techniques of Bad Parenting.” Five actors (including the...continued

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Review from dogged
61 events 17 reviews

So timely ...it was superb!

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Review from Angela
17 events 11 reviews

Loved the play. Didn’t love my seats though, very left of stage with side views of the actors faces. First experience with seats not being good thru Goldstar. However the acting made up for that. This play was fabulous. I had just seen American...continued

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Larisa Elkun
Review from Larisa Elkun
111 events 7 reviews

Great play!

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Review from Kristin
32 events 6 reviews

"Admissions" dealt with a point of sensitivity in contemporary culture with equal measures of seriousness and humor. It was compelling viewing throughout. I very much enjoyed the play, especially because I got a great deal on my seat thanks to...continued

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Steve Wiley
Review from Steve Wiley
62 events 4 reviews

Funny, thought-provoking, timely. Another good play by Joshua Harmon, the author of "Bad Jews", which was Studio's biggest hit in their entire history. The five cast members all delivered great performances. Catch it before it closes next month!

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Review from JB
13 events 1 review

Loved this!!!

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