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Sarah Andree John
Review from Sarah Andree John
Red Velvet 25 events 12 reviews

Emmanuel was a wonderful tour guide who not only showed the artworks but related them to stories of the cultures from which they came. He was so good that we will be looking for other tours that he leads. Thank you and kudos!

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Gloria Norat Obrien
Review from Gloria Norat Obrien
Red Velvet 33 events 3 reviews

It was ok though I was told by the docent that these tours are actually given for free. Hmmm....

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Philip C Brown
Review from Philip C Brown
183 events 98 reviews

I was disappointed. Our guide, who never gave us his name, needed to begin the tour with a “big picture” description of what he aimed to do. How long would the tour last? What general themes would there be? Instead, his approach was to go...continued

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Vivian Thurman
Review from Vivian Thurman
382 events 60 reviews

Emmanuel’s delivery was chock full of detailed history and personal references. His deep passion for the artwork, (and origins) helped us to appreciate the exhibits on a deeper level. On occasion his accent was challenging but his command of the...continued

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Review from Sandy
17 events 11 reviews

Terrible rainy weather; yet the tour was well attended. The guide is likeable, knowledgeable & informative. If he does a follow-on tour with a different focus, I would be happy to go if I can.

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Review from Sid
26 events 9 reviews

The guide was extremely knowledgeable. I had minor problems understanding the language

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Kay Cowan
Review from Kay Cowan
26 events 6 reviews

Well intentioned guide but the presentation was highly abstract random. Knowledgeable but not well delivered. The Museum’s exhibits are worth the visit.

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Madeline Paige Gold
Review from Madeline Paige Gold
11 events 4 reviews

Emanuel is a delightful tour guide who knows a lot about African culture (he's originally from Ghana) and enjoys sharing his knowledge. There's a lot to see in the museum, but rather than race us through, he concentrated on several works that...continued

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Lisa Gregory
Review from Lisa Gregory
5 events 4 reviews

This man has no qualifications to be giving this tour. He's from Ghana, but neither an art historian, academic, anthropologist or docent. I hoped to get more personalized context for the art and artifacts and to see highlights from the museum....continued

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Steve Wiley
Review from Steve Wiley
75 events 4 reviews

We were in a small group of 6 people so it was easy to ask questions. Our guide was from Ghana and was very knowledgeable. His commentary gave cultural context to the exhibits that would have been missed if only reading the information placards...continued

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Don Blackwell
Review from Don Blackwell
9 events 3 reviews

This tour was enlightening and informative. A diverse selection of artwork was chosen to discuss from an African national's perspective and experience. The 2 hrs went by quickly as the tour group weaved thru the multiple exhibits and admired the...continued

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Review from Sandgolds
18 events 2 reviews

Guide was so knowledgeable! He was very enthusiastic to share his love of African Art.

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Smith A
Review from Smith A
13 events 2 reviews

I really enjoyed the guided tour by Mr Emmanuel, who himself is from Ghana. He provided good insight into the traditions and culture of the continent as he discussed a particular art exhibit, sculpture or painting. I general visit the African Arts...continued

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Cheryl Owens
Review from Cheryl Owens
10 events 2 reviews

The tour was very informative and truly gave insight into many of the artifacts in the museum. Our guide was gracious and answered as many questions as he could from the group. This Smithsonian has a lot to see and the guide will only get to about...continued

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david padilla
Review from david padilla
6 events 1 review

An excellent experience. I learned a lot.

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Jerry Shaw
Review from Jerry Shaw
9 events 1 review

Extremely engaging and so much knowledge to share.

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Deborah Blessing
Review from Deborah Blessing
11 events 1 review

I learned a lot from our very informative guide--what a beautiful museum and how interesting the talk our guide gave at each piece of art that he had preselected. very worthwhile and pleasant experience

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Tamiko Mcvicker
Review from Tamiko Mcvicker
4 events 1 review

It was amazing, I teach World History I and II at the high school level and it connected colonization with what I teach my students. It was refreshing to hear from someone from Ghana's take on history. Emmanuel was very informative and...continued

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Ana Gime Sanchez
Review from Ana Gime Sanchez
3 events 1 review

Mr. Gogo is a walking closet full of fascinating information. As a person who has long studied African and afrodiasporic cultures I greatly appreciated the tour’s perspective and Mr. Gogo’s delivery of the subject. I strongly recommend this tour...continued

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Domer Wolverine
Review from Domer Wolverine
7 events 1 review

Our guide was great! His reflections and perspectives helped me appreciate and understand the art as well as its social/cultural significance. I learned way more than I would’ve learned through a self-guided tour. I highly recommend this tour!

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