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Martin Safer
Review from Martin Safer
Red Velvet 105 events 8 reviews

Excellent acting but the play could be shortened by 30 minutes or so. "Too many words."

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Review from g
103 events 80 reviews

Great production, great play!
go see it

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Review from Choosy
97 events 54 reviews

As usual with Goldstar seats at Folger, we were quite far away and had to keep stretching and leaning to try to see the actors' faces. At least 4 different cell phones rang during the show.... clearly Folger needs an announcement before each...continued

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Review from James
107 events 37 reviews

Pretty darn fine 40 year old classic. Tour de force production. Outstanding company led by Ian Peakes as Salieri. Another must see director in Richard Clifford. There til December 22. Treat yourself for the Holidays!

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Patrick M
Review from Patrick M
52 events 34 reviews

A really great show in a beautiful historic theatre. Great bargain on Goldstar.

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Review from Sarab
40 events 12 reviews

The acting was so impressive.

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Review from Marylandmtw
39 events 8 reviews

Performance was wonderful. However, I paid for 'B' tickets through Goldstar ($44.50 incl fees) and we were on the last row in the balcony. When I went on the Folger website, the ticket price was the same, and I believe I paid more in fees. I...continued

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Gail Klein
Review from Gail Klein
129 events 7 reviews

Excellent production. Strongly recommend attending before it closes.

Unfortunately side balcony seats assigned to Goldstar had very limited views of stage and we had to stand in back of the balcony to watch the show!

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Brian Niemiec
Review from Brian Niemiec
10 events 6 reviews

A great play, well acted and beautifully staged. This is a must-see!

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Review from Doug
10 events 4 reviews

Got the mid-tier priced tickets and the seats were not good. Had to crane our heads to see. I've had enough good look with Goldstar events to try again, but I would rate this as a mostly miss.

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Review from MarcyHarrison
20 events 4 reviews

The script and story was interesting and stimulating. Very well staged and acted. The seats were not comfortable - faced sideways to stage so we had to turn the whole time. But we could see the stage well.

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Maya Skalski
Review from Maya Skalski
11 events 2 reviews

Amazing performance, enjoyed every moment of it, very well done!!!

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Review from Carol
41 events 2 reviews

Salieri is fantastic!!!

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Review from thingirl5
10 events 2 reviews

Wonderful show crummy seats.

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Melissa Grant
Review from Melissa Grant
8 events 1 review

Excellent all around - acting, lighting, music, etc. It didn't seem too long to me.

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Barry Epstein
Review from Barry Epstein
1 event 1 review

Fabulous performance

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Ann Smih
Review from Ann Smih
7 events 1 review

I want to say I liked it, but I was very disappointed. While the acting was wonderful, I was very disappointed in the music, or lack thereof. While I was aware of the storyline, I recall loving the music from the movie so much, I wanted to...continued

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Caroline Williams
Review from Caroline Williams
1 event 1 review

We very enjoyed it . good play and very good acting .

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