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Laura Unger
Review from Laura Unger
Red Velvet 172 events 49 reviews

This is a terrific play. Beautifully written, imaginatively directed and staged with a very talented cast. I highly recommend it. Parking was easy.

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Review from awwoodward
90 events 31 reviews

Blood at the Root covers so much ground with such depth and panache that I felt breathless. Surpasses even Skeleton Crew, which I loved. I especially appreciated the dance aspects, as they not so subtlety conveys the "ritual steps" on which...continued

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Review from Genny
28 events 20 reviews

Dynamic staging, strong acting, terrific dialogue, timely and intense themes brought to life. This is my first time at Theater Alliance, and I was wholly impressed by this production.

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Renita Lake
Review from Renita Lake
33 events 9 reviews

I thought it was great. The conversations and interactions between key characters were great. The staging was awesome and I'm recommending that any and all of my friends go and take a look, especially those who work in education or with and...continued

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Jaiqia Stradford
Review from Jaiqia Stradford
2 events 2 reviews

Congratulations, the was amazing!

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Garry Cohen
Review from Garry Cohen
3 events 2 reviews

This is a powerfully performed play that is a must-see!

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Garry Cohen
Review from Garry Cohen
3 events 2 reviews

Wonderful show! Fabulous acting, terrific directing and a timely story line. Go see it, you will be moved!

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Lisa Robinson
Review from Lisa Robinson
7 events 1 review

This play was OUTSTANDING. ..GREAT character s, content, writing and acting

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Alicia Holmes
Review from Alicia Holmes
0 events 1 review

Very powerful. It's amazing how many subject matters it tackles. This play should definitely invoke conversation with it's wide range of touchy subjects. I'm sure there is some of everyone of us in this play. The cast is fabulous! Especially...continued

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Alma Brannum
Review from Alma Brannum
1 event 1 review

Very thought ? provoking & the play ? helped expose my own “rooted” biases...it also prompted me 2 take a stand against these bias b/c if one ☝️ person is affected we r all affected including me❗️?

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