Cherry blossom
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Review from Carroll
Red Velvet 32 events 4 reviews

I found the guide excellent and the information very interesting, even for someone
who has lived in DC for a long time. The tour was extremely well organized in the way
it told a story also, from the beginning to the end of the tour. Extremely...continued

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Review from Kerri
Red Velvet 296 events 1 review

I really, really wanted to do this tour (I purchased it twice on two different dates) but cold, blustery weather forced me to cancel both times...very disappointed that it did not work out.

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Marianne Harding
Review from Marianne Harding
92 events 33 reviews

The cherry blossoms weren't out but that is hardly within the control of the company offering this tour. Despite that, the tour was very informative and fun. The group was the right size. The guide was very knowledgeable and gracious. And the Kite...continued

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Julia Phillips
Review from Julia Phillips
34 events 20 reviews

Christina was superb. Highly recommend not only this tour, but ANY tour led by Christina. Informative, engaging, entertaining, interesting...everything one would desire of a guide. My only suggestion might be to have a tall flag or marker to be...continued

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David Maklan
Review from David Maklan
53 events 18 reviews

The guide was terrific, and we lucked out with beautiful weather. It was really great!

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Lisa Kay
Review from Lisa Kay
42 events 16 reviews

I always enjoy these walking tours, and our host was really fun and peppy and had lots of interesting stories with nice delivery.
I have one complaint about all of the tours. The titles don't really reflect well what the tour is about. You...continued

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Kathy L
Review from Kathy L
19 events 10 reviews

Despite the fact that it rained almost the whole two hours, I really enjoyed the walk. The guide was very knowledgeable and I learned all kinds of trivia about the cherry blossoms but also other facts about DC. I highly recommend this walk and...continued

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Review from Dee
13 events 8 reviews

We learned a lot about DC gardens and history, did quite a bit of walking, looking and listening, but it was all very entertaining. Highly recommend Caroline, our guide, and the walk in general. Cherry blossoms were not at their peak, but that...continued

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Kay Cowan
Review from Kay Cowan
26 events 6 reviews

Nicole, the guide, was extremely knowledgeable ensuring that the tour was both informative and enjoyable. She maintained a reasonable walking pace and found spots of shade when stopping to convey information. Washington Walks is a good way of...continued

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David Troup
Review from David Troup
14 events 4 reviews

Our extremely professional and most welcoming guide, Nicole Taylor, was absolutely amazing. She filled us with the greatest of Washington, DC information, and transformed all of us into even more interesting party guests for any future gathering...continued

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Linda F.
Review from Linda F.
5 events 4 reviews

Really, really great. Loved all the history and was shown gardens I had not known existed--a real treat for me. I will definately take more tours. I live in the area, but there's a lot I don't know about! The trees were beautiful even though...continued

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Kimberly Williams
Review from Kimberly Williams
6 events 4 reviews

Sarah was fantastic: knowledgable, smart, and articulate. Despite the blustery cold and the threat of rain, it was an excellent and thorough tour. And the cherry trees were, of course, beautiful.

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Jo Roxburgh
Review from Jo Roxburgh
5 events 4 reviews

Very disappointed since there were no cherry blossom to speak of though of course this was not the company's fault, we recently had snow that Monday so it delayed the bloom. I do however have to say our guide was hard to follow and understand...continued

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Wendy Jordan
Review from Wendy Jordan
31 events 3 reviews

Great tour. Lots of information, well organized, excellent guide.

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Review from CheyanneL
11 events 3 reviews

It was a great way to learn about the history of the Cherry Blossoms and to learn about some of the hidden treasures of the city. Our guide, Carolyn, was very knowledgable.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 3 reviews

The tour was fun and interesting. The guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. I would have loved it if the cherry blossoms hadn't been so far past their prime. It was really too late to go.

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Shark Lady
Review from Shark Lady
7 events 2 reviews

Guide was excellent -- Unfortunately the cherry blossoms did not cooperate, so we saw no blooms. Still, a good walk and an interesting talk by the guide.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 2 reviews

I truly enjoyed this walk. The guide was informative, animated and open to discussion. I would definitely do another walk.

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Wendy Tait
Review from Wendy Tait
6 events 2 reviews

Such an interesting and beautiful walk, wonderful to have seen Washington at this special time of year.

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Review from Kpidliskey
5 events 2 reviews

The tour guide was very nice, but she did not make sure the group was intact while walking from one place to another. She also crossed the street at a very busy street where there was no traffic signal. If we had any slow walkers or disabled...continued

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