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Review from Fabianisima
Red Velvet 27 events 7 reviews

Michelle Walker is an amazing performer and the musicians she was with are super talented. As always, Blues Alley is a great venue for music. I'm definitely a fan now. My only thing is our server was super rude and was acting like she hates her...continued

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Brenda Bailey
Review from Brenda Bailey
Red Velvet 122 events 3 reviews
michelle harmon
Review from michelle harmon
106 events 33 reviews

Small venue....love the service and I loved Jessy J. Great performance
I always have a great time when I go to Blues Alley...

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Review from CDC
75 events 20 reviews

Good show by Lost on Harris.

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ted jewell
Review from ted jewell
38 events 18 reviews

Famous small DC jazz/ blues club. I went on a rainy Tuesday night, small crowd, very nice vibe btw. performer and audience. Not many of this type of club left. Go before it is gone.

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Robert C.
Review from Robert C.
47 events 18 reviews

J Sylvestor is a talented sax / woodwind jazz sextet leader. Most of the numbers were upbeat; a quieter solo or two by J would have added to the performance. Nice venue that we're fortunate to have in Georgetown.

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Leonard Ellen
Review from Leonard Ellen
28 events 10 reviews

I went to see Carmen Craven and she was GREAT!!

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Jack Wang
Review from Jack Wang
62 events 9 reviews

Great place to go to!

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Review from ErickaCain
33 events 9 reviews

The Talent Portrayed on that Stage was Second to None!

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Review from Laura
9 events 7 reviews

Had a lovely evening. The Dwayne Adell Trio was terrific, and the whole evening was lovely. A real treat of a night out for my husband and me.

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Kathleen Welch
Review from Kathleen Welch
8 events 6 reviews

Geat up close dynamic entertainment, good food, late show had smaller crowd so seating was comfortable

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Review from GJDC
13 events 6 reviews

This was a great band, and what history/stories they can tell. If (when) they come back, I'd highly recommend for anyone who's a fan of big band and particularly of Kenton.

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Review from Finewine4Ever
47 events 5 reviews

As stated, it was ok. The artist didn’t sing many of her hits. Glad I didn’t pay full venue price. Thank goodness for Goldstar ?!!!

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Pam W.
Review from Pam W.
10 events 5 reviews

Great show. Nice but very cozy venue. The restroom is really small but I like the shows there.

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Pam W.
Review from Pam W.
10 events 5 reviews

I went to Sy Smith's concert at Blues Alley last night. The show was outstanding!!! I like Blues Alley because of the intimate atmosphere. The service I received last night was not great at all. The waitress was very abrupt and I felt impolite.

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Flo Flo
Review from Flo Flo
18 events 5 reviews

Show was truly awesome. Jazmin Ghent is a wonderful, magnetic entertaining artist. Her skills as a Saxophonist is truly superb. Why did it take so long for her to visit the area? She is truly a great Saxophonist and a credit to her profession. ...continued

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Marcus Luepke
Review from Marcus Luepke
22 events 4 reviews

Hadn't been to the Blue Alley for 20 years and while nothing had significantly changed, I believe, (except no smoking, so good air!), the atmosphere was great, service friendly and the location felt intimate, good and clean.
The concert by Anthony...continued

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Review from catalina
28 events 4 reviews

Lovely evening! Very good interpreter of Tom Jobim's songs.

I lived in Rio de Janeiro 20 years ago and it brought beautiful memories!

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Review from Mike
8 events 4 reviews

This continues to be one of the premier venues in the country. Lucky me, I’ve sat at the same table three times on the same date, my birthday no less.

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Review from Taressa
16 events 4 reviews

Very nice cozy atmosphere! The band was amazing. Would definitely do it again.

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