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Review from rita
Red Velvet 151 events 131 reviews

It's a powerful story, tragic in many regards, although hopeful at the end. The lead actor is very convincing as a 6-to-13-year-old girl, and as a 22-year-old man. The rest of the cast is strong.

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Rosemary Carr
Review from Rosemary Carr
Red Velvet 52 events 12 reviews

Acting excellent, tough story to watch as I know the actual true story play was built on.

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Beverly With
Review from Beverly With
94 events 61 reviews

Extremely well done - John Jones was unforgettable!

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Jane Brookstein
Review from Jane Brookstein
32 events 4 reviews

Amazing acting. Touching story. Great night at the theatre!

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Review from tstuckey
26 events 4 reviews

The lead actor is astounding. It is worth attending just to see his/her performance. Script is tightly written and well executed with modern staging and set.

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Yatender Gola
Review from Yatender Gola
5 events 2 reviews

boy o boy, it was fantastic

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Chris Ko
Review from Chris Ko
16 events 2 reviews

This is an incredibly thought-provoking and challenging story that is beautifully acted. We felt completely immersed in the story-telling, as the play explores themes such as gender stereotypes, identity, and sexuality. Told through multiple...continued

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Wendy Frankel
Review from Wendy Frankel
2 events 1 review

Loved the show. Acting was incredible. Thought provoking!

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