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Dan Sherman
Review from Dan Sherman
Red Velvet 131 events 34 reviews

Very entertaining evening with lots of good magic (how DO they do it?). Show runs nearly 2 hours with break included. Setting in Mayflower Hotel is fine for this sort of show and is near Dupont Circle/Farragut North metros.

You can get a drink...continued

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Review from patmclagan
Red Velvet 62 events 13 reviews

My friends an I really enjoyed the evening. Great and mystifying magic. Lovely personalities!

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dr bob
Review from dr bob
Red Velvet 113 events 1 review

this is our third time seeing these guys. they are funny and their show is GREAT FUN and amazing magic. this is very well done and folks will love it.

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Ngan N. Nguyen
Review from Ngan N. Nguyen
40 events 29 reviews

The acts themselves were fun and entertaining, but I've seen better magic and/or illusion shows in the past. I also wish that entertainers stick with their job of getting paid to bring magic and delights to people instead of injecting their...continued

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Leslie Baldwin
Review from Leslie Baldwin
56 events 27 reviews

Really fun show! These guys are very funny, the magic was very engaging, audience participation was light hearted. Really enjoyed both magicians. Also liked that the acts were short, show moved along nicely, lots of funny moments with audience,...continued

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Nancy Korman
Review from Nancy Korman
44 events 23 reviews

Oh, yes, we enjoyed the magic and the friendly banter between the two magicians.

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Virginia Lovers
Review from Virginia Lovers
75 events 23 reviews

This is a wonderful show!!! It's hilarious and has AMAZING magic tricks. This was our second time and it was even better than the first! I can't recommend it enough! If you go to the Renaissance in DC, park next door at PMI, grab a drink and a...continued

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Review from Loveplays
49 events 21 reviews

Although the setting and some of the magic tricks aren't that fancy, the "duel" is funny and the audience had a great time.

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Review from dbearman
56 events 21 reviews

I went with an old college friend and two grandchildren and we all had a great time. The show moves quickly, has lots of variety, is funny for young and old, and keeps the audience involved. I'd definitely recommend it. Oh, and did I say that the...continued

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Johnny Panic
Review from Johnny Panic
34 events 18 reviews

Absolutely amazing and hilarous

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Review from MoneyPenny
37 events 15 reviews

This show is so much fun! We live in DC and discovered it on Goldstar. From the moment Brian Curry and Mark Phillips stepped on the stage it was non-stop amusement. The magic is awe inspiring but the humor is not to be underestimated! A really fun...continued

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Susan N Erik Read
Review from Susan N Erik Read
67 events 13 reviews

Entertaining evening. The magic is amazing and there is a lot of audience participation.

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Review from Dynamike
36 events 12 reviews

It was great, second time with a different friend and audience. Both guys were very entertaining. I'll continue recommending their show to friends as it made for a fun night out.

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Review from Dynamike
36 events 12 reviews

The show was in a hotel ballroom with self-serve iced water and mints. I arrived a lil late so I found myself in the back row, having to move to the side to see clear. It would be nice if the platform was a few inches higher so everyone could...continued

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Denise Derricotte
Review from Denise Derricotte
44 events 11 reviews

I enjoyed this performance and would recommend this event friends. I like that the performers engaged the audience

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Ellen Elow-Mintz
Review from Ellen Elow-Mintz
33 events 10 reviews

A wonderful evening! Both magicians are very skilled and play off each well. The audience is kept small for the room so that everyone can see well. There is substantial audience involvement which increases the connection with those in the room....continued

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Review from mr
23 events 10 reviews

Great show - Truly amazing magic from two very entertaining and funny guys. Audience participation contributed to the wonderment of their magic feats. Refreshing change of pace from going to the movies, the theater for a play, or a concert. Highly...continued

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Review from J
20 events 10 reviews

Thoroughly delightful show!

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Review from Vo
38 events 10 reviews

Was fun, but definitely more family-friendly than expected. The two magicians definitely involved the audience, mostly singling out the younger members.
We were late because of traffic error and Mayflower employee wasting time telling us that they...continued

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Emma Bp
Review from Emma Bp
23 events 8 reviews

A really funny, professionally done show! I went with my husband and 2 young adults, and we all enjoyed the illusions, laughs, and gags. The magic was amazing, and both magicians never missed a beat in the timing of their jokes. It was fun to...continued

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