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Rob Stanchik
Review from Rob Stanchik
61 events 8 reviews

An evening of entertaining and amazing magic tricks. I’m not a big fan of magic acts but I really enjoyed the show. Performers have a great sense of humor.
Highly recommend attending a performance

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Review from Spunky29
26 events 8 reviews

This was a really enjoyable show. The magic was impressive and the magicians were funny. I was worried when one review said that they involved the audience--I typically hate that type of thing--but they did it in a nice way, mostly picked...continued

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Sherri F.
Review from Sherri F.
26 events 7 reviews

Amazing performance, stunning magic, fun, fun, fun!

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Pete The Packer
Review from Pete The Packer
11 events 6 reviews

"Catch Me" was a fun, well-paced show with a lot of audience participation (some of which, of course, may have involved plants, but who knows?). Both magicians were skilled and the interaction between the two added to the fun. The tricks...continued

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Greta H.
Review from Greta H.
10 events 6 reviews

Entertaining and stupefying. How DID they do that?

If thinking of seeing them, then think no more...


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Review from LabenskiA
9 events 6 reviews

For something different, I took my husband to this show for his birthday and didn't know what to expect. As DC residents, we'd never heard of it and worried it might be a mediocre tourist activity. Not at all - We loved it! The magicians are a...continued

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Review from honlisa
18 events 6 reviews

Great show! Fun and entertaining!

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Review from Celia
13 events 6 reviews

The magicians were extremely good and very entertaining! A great show. Beware. . . these magicians are all about going into the audience to get their participation!

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Review from obnc
8 events 6 reviews

This was a flawless well-performed magic show by two magicians, and it was funny to boot! I heartily recommend that you attend.

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Review from Karen
13 events 4 reviews

Great fun! A wonderful change of entertainment. Both magicians were great.

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Anne's Goldstar
Review from Anne's Goldstar
18 events 4 reviews

It was a very enjoyable event - a little comedy with the magic. A little odd in a hotel ballroom but the location made for a nice opportunity to walk around DC and have dinner with the show. It was overall, very entertaining and I would...continued

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Kerry J. Donley
Review from Kerry J. Donley
12 events 4 reviews

This show was a lot of fun. Good magic and both magicians were quite humorous which added another enjoyable dimension to the show. The evening flew by. I would recommend it to anyone looking for fun and laughs.

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Review from DJAftermath
41 events 4 reviews

This was a fun night out.

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Review from Ashley
13 events 4 reviews

This was so much fun! Highly recommend!

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Mohini Malhotra
Review from Mohini Malhotra
16 events 3 reviews

A two-fer, a hilarious comedy show with fabulous magic tricks!

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Review from Tye
7 events 3 reviews

My husband has been to several magic shows and I've been to a couple. This was the most fun magic show either of us have ever seen! We still laugh remembering things that happened during the show. I highly recommend the show for adults of any age.

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Roger Dean Welborn
Review from Roger Dean Welborn
6 events 3 reviews

Overall, enjoyed the evening. Magic was "generic" - seen most of the tricks before - but well done and the comedy added to the overall enjoyment of the evening.

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Nell Minow
Review from Nell Minow
16 events 3 reviews

Spectacular show!

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Sandra B
Review from Sandra B
10 events 3 reviews

The show was very entertaining. Both magicians Brian and Mark were great. I'd recommend it!

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Nell Minow
Review from Nell Minow
16 events 3 reviews

Third time seeing this show! We love it! #teambrian but that ring trick from Mark is a showstopper.

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