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Review from Barbaraw3
9 events 3 reviews

This event was just okay. It's an interesting concept and some of the lines are funny. The website says cocktail attire, but this is definitely a casual event. I would not pay full price for these tickets. I'm glad I got these tickets through...continued

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Kristine Barr Ouedraogo
Review from Kristine Barr Ouedraogo
6 events 3 reviews

This was a very enjoyable evening, full of laughter and amazing magic. I highly recommend it!

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Jeffrey Nutis
Review from Jeffrey Nutis
2 events 2 reviews

A very professional and well polished magic show interlaced with comedy. Well Done!,

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Abe Woycke
Review from Abe Woycke
2 events 2 reviews

Fun time. Cool show.

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Review from bob2k2
7 events 2 reviews

Great fun.

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Lisa Holthaus
Review from Lisa Holthaus
27 events 2 reviews

Great show- very entertaining! Only problem is, I thought it was too short for the purchase price...

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Dean Kern
Review from Dean Kern
2 events 2 reviews

Highly engaging and fun in the heart of DC. No big production numbers, just great entertainment viewing it up close and personal. Deft of hand, eye and mind made this a show worth attending.

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Review from Ar
5 events 2 reviews

Incredible magic performance! Funny, too! Loved it!

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Carolyn Sica
Review from Carolyn Sica
16 events 2 reviews

It was nice. The humor was a little trite. But I enjoyed the show. The magic was interesting and varied.

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Lynnsey Bender
Review from Lynnsey Bender
4 events 2 reviews

It was sensational!

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Matt Lawlor
Review from Matt Lawlor
7 events 2 reviews

Not sure where these guys were better as magicians or as comedians. They were truly exceptional as both. We loved their show and highly recommend it to others.

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Elizabeth Hanratty
Review from Elizabeth Hanratty
4 events 2 reviews

The show was better than expected. It was entertaining from start to finish. I highly recommend seeing this show.

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Review from Peggy1026
14 events 2 reviews

This was a fun and funny event -- the two magicians "battle" for the audience's approval in the first half of the show, and then offer more collaborative tricks in the second half. There is a lot of audience participation, and we had a good time.

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Review from carols
12 events 2 reviews

Took my husband and two boys (14 and 15). We all really liked the show. My son absolutely loved it and got his picture taken with the magicians. Great night out. Thanks Goldstar

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24 events 2 reviews

Very entertaining and fun. A great evening out!

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Julie Guttadauro
Review from Julie Guttadauro
14 events 2 reviews

We attended the show with our 14 and 16 year olds as a surprise Father's Day outing. The comedy was lighthearted, funny and the illusions AMAZING! We talked all the way home, trying to figure out how the tricks were performed and were stumped!...continued

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Melissa Ross Swensrud
Review from Melissa Ross Swensrud
25 events 2 reviews

We took a group of 15 year old boys for an early show. They really enjoyed the illusions and the humor and it was capped off with great food at the Shake Shack, a nearby walk. Nice to get a group of boys out doing something different and off...continued

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Steven Vito
Review from Steven Vito
1 event 1 review

A lot of fun. Great magic tricks. I highly recommend going.

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Review from Jenny
9 events 1 review

Entertaining and fun.

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Review from Holly164
1 event 1 review

Excellent show! Entertaing and very funny. If you want to laugh and have a good time, this show is the one to see!

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