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Excellent show, very entertaining

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Dory Broeckaert
Review from Dory Broeckaert
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Excellent magic and all around fun experience. Great audience participation. Would highly recommend it!

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John M. Clymer
Review from John M. Clymer
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Excellent show. Great magic, entertaining, nice venue. Easy to recommend because we are glad we went.

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Tracey Dunn McDermott
Review from Tracey Dunn McDermott
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Fantastic! Intimate crowd made the experience so much more personal. Even if you aren't called on stage, you truly feel like you are a part of the show. Both men are amazingly talented (too bad there's no "tie" for the trophy) and you will be...continued

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Petra Holden
Review from Petra Holden
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Fun show, low key. They are very talented for sure, but some tricks fell flat. I didn't expect it to be in the bottom floor conference room of the hotel, felt a bit weird.

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A Brandt Jeffers
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Funny, entertaining, enjoyable time. totally worth the front row tix!

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Reena Das
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Funny, entertaining and engrossing experience. Loved every moment of it!

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Vanessa Olsen
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Great show, very entertaining! I love magic. Never boring moment between Brian and Mark, they were both showmen and funny. I enjoyed it and I will watch their show again!

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Jerrod Burnett
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Great show!

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Review from Scotti
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Jonathan Keyserling
Review from Jonathan Keyserling
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Greta magic, very engaging and a ton of laughs.

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Zachary Cohn
Review from Zachary Cohn
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I was really surprised - this was an amazing magic show. They did a great job at keeping it light and fun- while keeping up some truly amazing magic tricks! The interaction between the two magicians provides an entertaining element you don't...continued

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Jose Rodriguez
Review from Jose Rodriguez
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I went with my wife for the first time, we had a great time! Brian and Mark have a great show! I highly recommend it! Looking for the next show!

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Stephanie Schmitt
Review from Stephanie Schmitt
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It was great! The atmosphere of the venue was relaxed and open. The show was hilarious and the magic was interesting and really cool. Worth going for sure! They involve the audience a lot which is really fun.

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Heidy cairo
Review from Heidy cairo
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Loved it. Was worried my boyfriend wouldn't enjoy it but he did. Intimate. Less than. 60 people. During intermission the magicians did their parlor magic thing off the stage. Very cool experience overall. Truly enjoyed it and highly recommend to...continued

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Magic show was great! A fun evening!

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John Thorp
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One of the two magicians was unable to make it due to the happy event of his wife having gone into labor. The backup magician was very good and the show proceeded as a basic magic show by both artists, but not the “duel” that had been advertised....continued

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Review from Rick
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Show was a lot of fun. Amazing magic and lots of jokes. Great date night or something different. Greatly recommend.

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Kelly Rose
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Show was engaging, funny, and excellent magic skills! Would recommend as a night change of pace for a night out.

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So much fun! A great date night and a wonderful performance!

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