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Review from Uber-Culture
Red Velvet 544 events 191 reviews

A delightful afternoon was had by all! Thanks to other Goldstar members, we knew parking would be tricky, and planned adequate time, and didn't mind the 15 minute walk. The boat was spotless, the crew was friendly, and the views were fantastic....continued

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Review from Choosy
98 events 54 reviews

We rushed to be there by 2 pm, only to be told departure wasn't til 2:30. It was actually more like 2:45. We got to inhale gas fumes the whole time we waited. Boat didn't go near the Tidal Basin, where most of the cherry blossoms were..... only...continued

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Review from jloewen
42 events 25 reviews

The cruise co. is not ready for business, at least not for business from individuals, such as Goldstar members. There is NO parking. Other than bus tours, which pause on busy Maine Ave., let everyone off, then go off somewhere, and return 90...continued

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Linda S
Review from Linda S
39 events 20 reviews

Pleasant but the speaker was not loud enough to be heard over the conversations in the lounge - volume needed to be set louder (since I didn't feel like moving on a cold breezy day)

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Linda S
Review from Linda S
39 events 20 reviews

Pleasant cruise - speaker commenting was not always clear and directions from a metro stop to the dock had some errors

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Richard Baker
Review from Richard Baker
39 events 16 reviews

The boat wasn't crowded. The crew was extremely pleasant and helpful. They announced and narrated the sights along the way.
The sights and views were interesting.

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Ninamarie Maragioglio
Review from Ninamarie Maragioglio
26 events 12 reviews

Friendly staff. Indoor, covered air conditioned seating available. 50 min cruise. Snack bar with Hot Dogs and chips/snacks available for purchase. No parking nearby; walk from Smithsonian Metro.

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Kate Nardone
Review from Kate Nardone
14 events 10 reviews

Always a nice little ride. I've been 4 times. This time was a shorter ride on a bigger boat. They didn't go down by Nats Stadium as they have in the past. They don't guarantee a route so I can't comlain, although I encoraged friends to get tix and...continued

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Review from Kesha
67 events 7 reviews

Very Dissatisfied with this Tour.

There were no Cherry Blossoms ?. The Tour Operator should’ve made an announcement prior to boarding.

Furthermore, the Tour should not be advertised as a Cherry Blossom Tour if the Trees bloomed and there are...continued

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Review from Debby
14 events 5 reviews

I enjoyed the boat ride. It gave us a different perspective on the city. Would have preferred a live narrator instead of the "canned" narration.

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Thu Vo
Review from Thu Vo
25 events 5 reviews

inexpensive for a decent one- hour good sightseeing

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Rebecca Rizvi
Review from Rebecca Rizvi
13 events 3 reviews

Brief but lovely cruise. Interesting tourist information over the loudspeaker (but not so loud that you cannot ignore it if you wish). Opportunity to sit inside or out. Concessions available. Friendly, helpful, welcoming crew on board.

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Robin Moss
Review from Robin Moss
14 events 3 reviews

I went on the cruise with two of my female friends and it was very nice. The weather was perfect for cruising on the Potomac and it was so, so, so relaxing.

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Jacqueline Dorsey
Review from Jacqueline Dorsey
3 events 3 reviews

It was a very relaxing cruise on the water. Interesting facts about D.C. that I didn't know. The Cherry Blossoms were just starting to bloom. I enjoy the mini cruise.

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Mary T 1968
Review from Mary T 1968
4 events 3 reviews

The actual boat tour was great. A better description of how to get to the location would be helpful. Also, not that they could help it, hardly any Cherry Blossoms were in bloom still.

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Mark Harvey
Review from Mark Harvey
4 events 2 reviews

Cruise takes you down the DC Canal, around Haynes Point, and up the Potomac river about half way to 14th street bridge, just past National Airport. The mandatory "no wake" speed along the Washington Channel limited the distance the cruise could...continued

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Kate Close
Review from Kate Close
13 events 2 reviews

I tried to walk from L'enfant Plaza metro with my elderly Mother in Law. We did not make it in time as it is impossible to walk because of the building work going on; the sidewalks are out of use and we couldn't get down to the harbour.

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Review from Israa
2 events 2 reviews

It was alright. Nothing fancy to see.

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David Dillard
Review from David Dillard
20 events 2 reviews

Parking was horrendous. Traffic was horrendous. Construction was everywhere making it dangerous to walk from a mile away parking lot. The observation deck on the boat was very small. The interior cabin was dreary and stuffy.

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Mary Weaver
Review from Mary Weaver
4 events 2 reviews

The boat was great, with lots of room to sit/stand and see the views, which were fantastic!

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