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Tom Zoeller
Review from Tom Zoeller
Red Velvet 42 events 17 reviews

The Woolly Mammoth theatre is a great venue and I don't think that there is a bad seat in the house. I like that for some plays, the stage and seating can be varied, so it's not always a traditional stage/audience seating.

I like that Woolly...continued

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Corinne in DC
Review from Corinne in DC
Red Velvet 126 events 10 reviews

Fabulous acting, thought-provoking (albeit sprawling) play. Well worth seeing! Don't miss it - closing soon.

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Lynn l lewis
Review from Lynn l lewis
Red Velvet 24 events 4 reviews

A provocative play, riveting for all 2 hours and 40 minutes....superb acting, direction, staging techniques and tought-provoking script. Highly recommend theatre goers read the program notes before the play...otherwise it is fairly complex and...continued

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Misa Sugui
Review from Misa Sugui
380 events 275 reviews

Brilliant acting and stage setting!

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Review from James
102 events 35 reviews

“Describe the Night.” An ambitious play about Fact and Fiction, Truth and Falsehood, with a backdrop of 100 years of a magical realistic portrayal of Russian-Soviet history. Not Rajiv Joseph’s best play (see Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo). But a...continued

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Kcin Andrex
Review from Kcin Andrex
74 events 28 reviews

So disappointed in Woolly Mammoth these days. I used to love their plays and was a season ticket holder. Now, their offerings are odd, acting isn't as good as it once was, and a disappointing way to spend 3 hours.

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Review from Virginiaman
39 events 23 reviews

The show made me long for the days of Nicky Silver and Fat Men in Skirts. I see and understand the importance of the play, but unless you live under a rock you can see this happening every day of the week in the United States. Theatre was...continued

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Review from Jerry
58 events 21 reviews

Interesting play, a lot of back and forth regarding the time line and characters. Well acted, but by intermission you are wondering, where is this going, what is the message? Biggest problem was the length. Way too long. With intermission, 3...continued

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Frederick Zirm
Review from Frederick Zirm
21 events 14 reviews

Very well staged and well acted. The use of sound, light, and music are also first rate. The script is inventive and often gripping but tries to tie things together too neatly and literally at the end. As a result, the play seemed about one scene...continued

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Anna Kofner
Review from Anna Kofner
68 events 10 reviews

The play was written with as much accuracy as possible to reflect the reality of the political situation in Soviet Union/ Russian Federation in the span of 90 years. I like the "what if" development that merges the bloodlines of Babel and Putin....continued

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Xiaofu Ding
Review from Xiaofu Ding
41 events 7 reviews

What a treat! From the play script to staging to excellent acting, Describe the night is surely one of the best plays I have seen 2018-2019.

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Dana Grabiner
Review from Dana Grabiner
12 events 3 reviews

This chilling story of Soviet plots, poets, paranoia, and near-paranormal stretches across the 20th century well into the 21st century as parallels to that history tiptoe into today.

Not without humor, the story raises the obvious but important...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 1 review

Beautiful story!

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Review from green5483
13 events 1 review

Circular plays like this rarely work. They feel meaningful but in reality there’s not much there. This production used a lot of spectacle which felt like an attempt to make up for a disappointing script.

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