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Between T St NW and Swann St NW 1835 14th Street, NW Washington, DC 20009
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**By Edgar Martinez Schulz

Directed by Doug Eacho

__Four buddies find a box that gives them the answers to any question — at a high price.

__**__Jinshin Jiko

__**By Bridgette Dutta Portman

Directed by Jason Loewith

__An American businesswoman in Japan comes face-to-face with her deepest anxieties while riding the Metro.

__**__Lost and Found at the Hotel Mogador: A Travel Mystery in One Act

__**By James Hesla

Directed by Rick Hammerly

__An American traveler loses his memory while backpacking in Morocco and a local police officer tries to help him piece together his identity. They both discover more than they bargained for.


__**By Jennifer Barclay

Directed by Doug Eacho

__A sext has 5 teenagers in a texting tizzy. A blogger tries to make an example of them, but no one counts on the entrance of the Great Monster of Coltan.

__**__Warm Bodies

__**By M. Pepper Langlinais

Directed by Rick Hammerly

__Four people in a hotel room … but only two are breathing.

__**__Lisa Frank Virginity Club

__**By Christin Siems

Directed by Doug Eacho

Greg’s uncle died and left him his unicorn. Was it an apology? A sick joke? Or something more?

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