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Susan Hanenbaum
Review from Susan Hanenbaum
Red Velvet 47 events 7 reviews

Great! Geared to children age range of 3-9. Crew enthusiastic and high calibre.

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Rosalind Lacy MacLennan
Review from Rosalind Lacy MacLennan
137 events 30 reviews

I was exhausted at week's end because of radiation treatments for breast cancer (I'm going to be OK) Our grandchildren, two little girls, visited from L.A. with my daughter and son-in-law. I scheduled this event two weeks ago, as the high point of...continued

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Review from Cissie
70 events 20 reviews

The pirate boat at Annapolis was better. They actually put a treasure box in the water and our crew hauled it in. Also, the bad guy tipped over in his rowboat.

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Review from Beth
18 events 10 reviews

Great fun for the 6 year old niece and 4 year old nephew. The crew is high energy and great with kids.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
12 events 9 reviews

The kids had a good time and Washington Harbor is fantastic. The crew did a good job of entertaining the kids. An hour was the perfect time.

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Review from beaner1126
14 events 9 reviews

The pirate ship cruise for kids is cute. They have face painting and a couple of things to do with the kids. The pirate driving around in a little boat so the kids can try and shoot him with the water cannons was a hit. Maybe having a couple of...continued

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Marie Le Bouder
Review from Marie Le Bouder
26 events 8 reviews

Lots of fun for the kids

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
9 events 8 reviews

This event is a "must" for a day of real fun. Even if the weather is extremely warm, which it was, the water canons keep you cool. Also, the boat takes "cooling breaks" by guiding the ship under the bridge for periods of shade. There are a ton of...continued

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P. Humes
Review from P. Humes
15 events 7 reviews

I took my daughter, niece and a couple other family members yesterday. Everyone had an awesome time on the Treasure Hunt cruise.

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Review from Steve
20 events 6 reviews

Apart from the opportunity to view the monuments from the water, we were disappointed. My 8 year old grandson was clearly too old for this event.
There should have been some indication of the appropriate age in the promotion. In addition, the...continued

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Dana Jackson
Review from Dana Jackson
15 events 5 reviews

I think it was decent for the price. We were told to be there at 12:15, but they didn't board us until 12:40 with no reason why. It was a nice 50ish minute ride, there were tattoos and arm or face painting and a few dances which were fun. But...continued

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Garrett Evans
Review from Garrett Evans
10 events 5 reviews

Nice event my Grandson really enjoyed this activity!

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Michell Allen
Review from Michell Allen
7 events 5 reviews

The staff was great ,however I was very disappointed in goodie bags available for purchase it did not contain a bandana as stated the eye patch was too small and could not fit over the kids head please save your ten bucks it was so not even worth...continued

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Sherri Hunter
Review from Sherri Hunter
4 events 4 reviews

Everything was very well themed. The boat looks great. The crew was dressed in pirate garb, instructed us on how to talk like a pirate, and was very good at hosting families. I loved the actual cruise - being able to see Washington from the water....continued

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Review from TH
14 events 4 reviews

This is an EXCELLENT party for the 10 and under crowd! We took two 5-year olds and they enjoyed all the activities. The staff on the boat are wonderful and keep the fun going for the kiddos. Parents can relax, laugh, and be amazed at how fast the...continued

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Review from janetysse
16 events 4 reviews

This trip was a blast for everyone on board! The staff had lots of fun activities and enthusiasm for the children so there was never a second of downtime. I liked that even though the trip was sold out, it was not packed or crowded, there was...continued

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Paula Lettice
Review from Paula Lettice
14 events 4 reviews

Took my 7 and 5-year old granddaughters last Saturday -- they had a ball with the dancing, water cannons, and arm and face paintings. The crew (entertainers) were so good with the little ones .. and we were not crowded on our cruise which made...continued

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Joan Dodge
Review from Joan Dodge
7 events 4 reviews

We took our grandchildren, ages 8 and 4 years and both enjoyed it. The cruise lasted about an hour with lots of activities on board. Staff was enthusiastic.

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Michele Lee Clements
Review from Michele Lee Clements
19 events 4 reviews

We took the Treasure hunt cruise to celebrate my son's 9th birthday. The kids ranged from ages 6 to 10, we had one teenager and 9 adults. Of course the teenager was bored to tears but the rest of us had a great time. the kids really enjoyed...continued

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Kristyn Snyder Woldow
Review from Kristyn Snyder Woldow
9 events 3 reviews

Beautiful day- beautiful views- the kids were happy (ages 4-11). Have done pirate cruises before and this was the best all-around. The only thing to add is that the boat leaves at the time printed on ticket, because of Washington Harbor...continued

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