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Review from BVF
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The weather was perfect! The docent, Colin, was a great storyteller. We walked more than we talked. I would have liked a few more stories but the ones he told were interesting and fun. It was a great way to spend an evening among the...continued

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Michael Burgess
Review from Michael Burgess
73 events 29 reviews

Our guide was knowledgeable, personable and presented things informatively and with charisma. The walk was easy. Some of the stories a bit long. It was a busy night for folks on the street, but the guide kept us all engaged and handled the...continued

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Review from mstgreen
50 events 26 reviews

Professor Andrew was a great guide. He acted just weird enough to give credence to the things he told us about the area and its denizens, past and present.

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Sarah Morse
Review from Sarah Morse
43 events 21 reviews

The tour was entertaining, but not much history or facts. A little too corny for my cynical tastes. I would have liked more history and talking and less magic tricks and gimmicks. I'm thinking it would have been better for families - it seemed...continued

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Review from Irina
38 events 20 reviews

Absolutely loved it!!! Our 9 years old son was completely fascinated with the spooky stories of Old Washington! Want to say a special thank you to our tour guide - Andrew - for his history knowledge and artistic performance - it was more like the...continued

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Review from VeraGl
43 events 16 reviews

Adding inside houses visits and visiting GT University main building would make this tour great.

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Review from Mari
32 events 16 reviews

Tour guide was a talented presenter who engaged the group and made sure noone got lost. He had good stories and told them very effectively but more ghost tales would have been better. A couple were about crimes, not ghosts.One story was told 1/2...continued

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Todd Minners
Review from Todd Minners
30 events 11 reviews

Our guide Landon was a pretty good story teller and generally kept everyone's attention despite the usual sidewalk distractions. Fun way to learn the history of some of the beautiful houses in Georgetown. Probably too boring for kids or...continued

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Review from Susan
25 events 10 reviews

A fun combination of good history and showmanship. Enjoyed the evening with a group of interesting people.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
16 events 10 reviews

This was a pleasant tour, with some live-action reactions thrown in. The only thing was that they made me question the truth behind some of the stories.

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Suzanne Hubbard
Review from Suzanne Hubbard
10 events 8 reviews

A lovely family evening for my son and me. The tour guide was very entertaining and even included some magic tricks. I've been inspired to research some of the local history further. I particularly enjoyed discovering the Mt. Zion cemetery on Q...continued

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Review from Splink
14 events 8 reviews

Took three friends, one from DC and two from out of town and we had a good time. Our tour guide, Landon, was a great combination of storyteller, historian and kidder. He mixed well with the young kids in the group, as well as the adults. We had...continued

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Review from BOI1251
47 events 6 reviews

Lots of fun. Erin, our guide, was well-informed and kept things humming. Her narrative was original, informative and energetic. Highly recommend!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
24 events 6 reviews

The guide that took us through Georgetown was extremely knowledgable and very enthusiastic. He made the tour seem very realistic, I would recommend this as a most enjoyable event for the Halloween season. I will recommend it to my friends and may...continued

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Amanda Burke
Review from Amanda Burke
14 events 6 reviews

This was a great way to start off the Halloween season! We walked around the Georgetown neighborhood and learned so much about the neighborhood history (and the accompanying spooky ghost stories!) Our tour guide, Landon, was wonderful. His...continued

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Review from Wendy
21 events 5 reviews

It was a great spooky, history tour of Georgetown. Andrew, our tour leader, was a little strange at first but he grows on you. His storytelling was captivating and entertaining. It was a fun, 2 hour learning experience. I would recommend it for...continued

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Cherlyn Jenkins
Review from Cherlyn Jenkins
12 events 5 reviews

It was very fun to walk around Gerogetown and learn some history. I would have enjoyed a few more ghost stories.

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Review from MoDC
13 events 5 reviews

The guide team was entertaining and knowledgeable. I actually learned some things I didn't know about DC despite being a long-time resident. The price was low enough to go along with the stories and just enjoy the short walk around the Georgetown...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
39 events 4 reviews

It was spooky and wonderful! Our guide, Andrew Mysterious, led us through rainy, cobblestone sidewalks, spinning scary tales of history as we went. We're still puzzling over his magic tricks - they couldn't really be magic. Or could they?
This is...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 4 reviews

Natalie and I really enjoyed the tour. Andrew was quite amusing. He did a wonderful job of keeping everyone involved. My only disappointment was not being able to into the crypt. We look forward to further tours with Mobile Tours and Goldstar...continued

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