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Laura Unger
Review from Laura Unger
Red Velvet 179 events 51 reviews

The theater is nice and comfortable. The actors were very good playing multiple parts, mainly successfully. The problem is the replay itself. It is very long and disjointed and, despite it claim to deal with the issues of the industrial...continued

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Review from Jerry
59 events 23 reviews

Very good play, best part was the actors. Four of them covering 19 different roles and various accents. Story itself, pretty interesting. Only criticism, too long. Started at 7:30pm and ended at 10:15pm. I was getting tired and worn down at...continued

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Review from Caroline
36 events 21 reviews

A great production for Dickens fans and nonfans alike! Four actors played all the novel's characters and (very) few times did I have trouble identifying the character the actor was playing. A must see!

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Tom Romig
Review from Tom Romig
122 events 7 reviews

A talented, versatile, energetic cast makes this well-directed romp a joy to experience.

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Review from SWall
14 events 7 reviews

Outstanding acting, wonderful staging, perfect and awesome rendition of all the differing characters. A perfect night at the theater. Our warmest congratulations!

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Review from Stephanie
14 events 6 reviews

The WSG's Dicken's "Hard Times" is an intelligent, beautifully acted and cleverly directed production of an intriguing and touching story.

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Review from MEB
39 events 5 reviews

Great cast and entertaining script. Like Nicholas Nickelby but shorter.

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Lisa Gregory
Review from Lisa Gregory
5 events 4 reviews

The actors did a great job.

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Kathie Mack
Review from Kathie Mack
10 events 3 reviews

It is wonderful to watch the four actors change their characters so completely and rapidly. Very effective use of the single set and a few props to tell Dickens' exciting story.

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Gregory Kramida
Review from Gregory Kramida
1 event 2 reviews

Acting is fantastic, and the play itself is fun and has an interesting plot line. However, it would be nice to see more actors on stage. I can appreciate the difficulty of acting out 19 roles with only four actors, but it gets hard to track who is...continued

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LaLa Smith
Review from LaLa Smith
1 event 1 review

Amazing acting! Loved the play!

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Nancy Gwinn
Review from Nancy Gwinn
12 events 1 review

imaginative rendering of difficult book; 4 actors play many characters and mostly keep them straight! Excellent production.

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