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Greg Williams
Review from Greg Williams
Red Velvet 170 events 66 reviews

For lovers of a classic Broadway musicals , a must see production. The strong supporting cast, wonderful staging and sets, along with Betty Buckley will have you leaving the theater humming the songs you have just heard.

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Venus Masselam
Review from Venus Masselam
Red Velvet 20 events 9 reviews

the two women lead singers voices were not even second rate.. So disappointing. if it had not been a musical it would have been fun as the lines were great and well delivered.

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Review from Evelyn
Red Velvet 16 events 7 reviews

A thoroughly enjoyable show- the singing, dancing, costumes, and sets were all excellent. Fun and entertaining!

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Martin Safer
Review from Martin Safer
Red Velvet 101 events 6 reviews
Ira Benzion
Review from Ira Benzion
Red Velvet 24 events 2 reviews

Betty Buckley was awesome! Great show!

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Review from _sbasa
Red Velvet 17 events 2 reviews

One of the best shows I’ve seen.

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Joy Oranburg
Review from Joy Oranburg
Red Velvet 8 events 2 reviews

Our seats were Fabulous!! I couldn't ask for more, the staging was so well done. The dancers were Spectacular.....Sharing with all my friends to go see this production a not to miss theater production..

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Ellen Lessans
Review from Ellen Lessans
Red Velvet 75 events 1 review

wonderful show

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Philip C Brown
Review from Philip C Brown
178 events 97 reviews

This is the second time to see Hello Dolly — once on Broadway and once here. That’s enough. It’s very light weight content. The staging was imaginative and, of course, there’s the Hello Dolly moment.

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Review from g
98 events 77 reviews

great production and some good solid acting

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Julia Phillips
Review from Julia Phillips
34 events 20 reviews

Such an enjoyable evening! Delightful and charming. Every theatergoer left with a wide smile on their face! More shows like this would be a welcome addition to the Kennedy Center.

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Review from Sherry
64 events 19 reviews

Great show. Standing ovation for Betty!

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Roberta Rubin Sherman
Review from Roberta Rubin Sherman
27 events 16 reviews

Although dated, a performance that put a smile on my face. Betty Buckley is wonderful and surrounded by an outstanding cast!

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Irwin Wartell
Review from Irwin Wartell
22 events 14 reviews

A delightful afternoon. Even though our two became four at the last minute,
the seats were great. Goldstar always comes through.
The cast was great. Betty Buckley was sensational.

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jim zelloe
Review from jim zelloe
32 events 14 reviews

as I read in various articles, this performance is a highlight of the Kennedy Center in 2019. It is a superb and completely entertaining performance for people of all ages.

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Wendy Weisbard
Review from Wendy Weisbard
56 events 7 reviews
Jane Newman
Review from Jane Newman
38 events 7 reviews

Wonderful show, each actor, actress did a super job. Most interesting staging.

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Review from MichaelAllenKatz
11 events 5 reviews

Liked Betty Buckley and Lewis Stadlen. Liked hardware store set, but rest of set not worthy of a Broadway version of Hello Dolly. Orchestra thin, typically of road shows.

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Review from bella1va@hotmail.com
40 events 5 reviews

The seat was too far back to see the faces on stage. Betty Buckley was phenomenal.

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Review from JB
21 events 4 reviews

Excellent show- outstanding, a great evening

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