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Mary E. Pivec
Review from Mary E. Pivec
Red Velvet 20 events 2 reviews

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and very considerate. I highly recommend her.

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Helene Toye
Review from Helene Toye
47 events 20 reviews

The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. I learned a lot. Highly recommend this tour.

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Julia Phillips
Review from Julia Phillips
32 events 20 reviews

While the building and contents are remarkable in their magnificent, we were a bit disappointed at the bias of the tour guide. Rather than allowing us to focus on the jaw-dropping beauty and relevance of the environment, she repeatedly turned her...continued

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Review from Hilary
41 events 10 reviews

It's always nice to go there and see such a lovely building, but I didn't learn much.

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Review from elaine
20 events 5 reviews

marvelous tour
lots of steps

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Review from Judy
18 events 4 reviews

Hard to hear tour guide. Had I known the LOC offers free tours I would have opted for that.

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Debra Parrish
Review from Debra Parrish
15 events 3 reviews

Stephen was an excellent tour guide. Very passionate about the building

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Review from JRod
67 events 2 reviews

Free public tours of the Thomas Jefferson Building are available https://www.loc.gov/visit/tours/guided-tours/thomas-jefferson-building/

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Karen Warnick
Review from Karen Warnick
2 events 2 reviews

Great tour. Very enjoyable. Highly recommend it.

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Barbara Halleck
Review from Barbara Halleck
11 events 2 reviews

I’ve visited the LOC in my own before. The library of Congress is full of wonderful detail — there’s so much to see you have a hard time focusing. This tour provides some focus and structure while explaining the importance of the art and the...continued

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Mandy Conlon
Review from Mandy Conlon
9 events 2 reviews

Tours of the Library of Congress are free to the public and the staff were quite miffed that any company would be charging patrons to tour the facility, guided or not.

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K A Southworth
Review from K A Southworth
4 events 1 review

A really interesting tour. Don’t miss it!

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Rose Woodruff
Review from Rose Woodruff
2 events 1 review

Before this tour, I had no idea what an artistic treasure the Library of Congress is. Well worth the time and money.

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Chris Watanabe
Review from Chris Watanabe
6 events 1 review

Fantastic visit! Our guide Leigh was excellent. She taught us a lot and showed us so many cool details about the LoC

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Gina Galasso
Review from Gina Galasso
5 events 1 review

It was not clear this was a separate organization providing the tour so when the tour guide showed up and asked if we were there for the Creative something or other tour, most of us did not respond. Having said that, there was nothing creative...continued

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Review from Nancy
2 events 1 review

Lee was an excellent guide.

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Review from thinman
24 events 1 review

Steven was a well informed and personable guide.
However, it was a noisy environment and, as an older person, I had trouble hearing him.
The tours would benefit from the devices that you wear and that the tour leader, with his own device, speaks...continued

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Theresa Stuckey
Review from Theresa Stuckey
6 events 1 review

The guide was outstanding! You could tell she was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and enjoyed opening our eyes to see what the Library of Congress—Thomas Jefferson building had to offer. I would recommend this guide.

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Elodie M
Review from Elodie M
11 events 1 review

The tour was ok. The location of the meeting point wasn’t clearly indicated on the Wallet confirmation so I had trouble. Then we had to wait for the boss to arrive, standing under the sun. We had to arrive at 1.45 for a 2pm tour, she arrived at...continued

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Annie Quinlan
Review from Annie Quinlan
4 events 1 review

This tour of the LOC was wonderful. The building is very beautiful and has a rich history which was brought to life by our superb tour guide Leigh. She has so much information about the building’s construction, its contents, as well as the era in...continued

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