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Marshall Johnson
Review from Marshall Johnson
45 events 2 reviews

I would have given a rating of 3.5 but the system only allows for the full star. The venue is great...The show was fantastic...the service horrible...don't know how long they have been opened but they need to work out the kinks of the system used...continued

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Review from Sharonda1998
18 events 2 reviews

Perfect atmosphere with high ceilings, elegant decor. Service, food, lighting and sound system was great. So was the music before the show. Pricing was reasonable. I didn't have the wine but I'm sure that was good too. Cheryl Pepsi Riley can SANG....continued

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Jamie l Johnston roche/ Dennis
Review from Jamie l Johnston roche/ Dennis
18 events 2 reviews

The place is comfortable and has room to dance. Great staff and the food exceptional for that type of venue.

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Alice J
Review from Alice J
6 events 2 reviews

The space is very cool, the sound system works. We got a nice view of the stage. Tracy Hanlin and her band killed it the night we went!

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Review from khicks
4 events 1 review

Anita Wilson was FANTASTIC!!! The opener was not so great. It was my first time at the re-modeled venue and I was very impressed with the atmosphere, organization and overall experience in the building.

I do have 2 suggestions: cushioned seating...continued

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Review from Speedye625
9 events 1 review

Elle Varner was an excellent performer.

I sat close to the back bar, not at all near the front. Also, the seating was extremely close to each other with little room for comfort and movement.

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Review from mrbadexample
11 events 1 review

Excellent venue and artist. Great sound.

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Sonny Taragin
Review from Sonny Taragin
7 events 1 review

Friendly and cozy venue. Great place for eats, drinks and music.

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Nancy Williams
Review from Nancy Williams
1 event 1 review

Great food, service and music!

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Jeffrey MacMillan
Review from Jeffrey MacMillan
2 events 1 review

Great night
Tks Gold Star!

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Rasheed Muhammad
Review from Rasheed Muhammad
3 events 1 review

Great time, Lenny's performance was excellent, haven't seen him in years.
Great atmosphere, lighting, seating was good. However, drinks, food was
somewhat pricey, but overall good time, thanks.

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Sherry Rodgers
Review from Sherry Rodgers
1 event 1 review

Great venue. Great service from our server. Would definitely go back.

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Joyce Jones
Review from Joyce Jones
6 events 1 review

Great Venue and AJ Croce gave an incredible performance. I'll be back!

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Keiko Kuykendall
Review from Keiko Kuykendall
2 events 1 review

Nice venue, service was good. Limited parking. I did not order any food as I was not hungry ( and the previous reviews were not great). Music/ show was average, or less than I expected.

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Review from Cam
31 events 1 review

Overall I've had amazing times. The revamped venue is beautiful! The service occasionally misses but the management (Chris) is very active and persistent on improving the process as making it right. If Lisa or Chelsey is serving your section, you...continued

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Chiquita Griffin
Review from Chiquita Griffin
0 events 1 review

Seats were perfect. Convenient and easy purchase.

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Erica T
Review from Erica T
5 events 1 review

The musician--Victory Boyd--was outstanding! The venue is picturesque. (We were on the third floor. There are other performance and dining spaces as well.) Service was friendly, but a bit uneven. Judging from what my husband and I ate as well as...continued

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Review from AL21
8 events 1 review

The room was intimate and the place was well organized with a good number of servers. The sound system was loud, but not uncomfortable from our mid-range seats. We lucked out with street parking, but there is a $10 valet option. Joan...continued

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Florence Franklin
Review from Florence Franklin
2 events 1 review

The show was great, the venue was very nice, I would go again, and parking wasn't bad

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Tasha George
Review from Tasha George
4 events 1 review

The show was amazing!! The food, service, and ambiance were perfect!

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