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Jo Flowers
Review from Jo Flowers
Red Velvet 41 events 19 reviews

We entertained visitors from overseas on a dinner cruise and enjoyed it far more than we expected. In spite of rain, the cruise was interesting and the band excellent. It played the right mix of oldies and slow pieces with newer pieces. The...continued

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Review from virginia
Red Velvet 4 events 1 review

We had a great night dinner dancing and drinks .The band was great the crew was wonderful,beautiful views , just wonderful .Three hours passed by so fast. Loved it

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Rosalind Lacy MacLennan
Review from Rosalind Lacy MacLennan
137 events 30 reviews

This was a Christmas gift to my husband on Dec. 26, The Jingle Bell Cruise. There's something about a ship on the water to complete a great experiece. The price was right. The fog was perfect, heavy and mysterious on the Potomac River. Romantic....continued

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GoldStar Member
Review from GoldStar Member
114 events 25 reviews

This was the absolute PERFECT birthday present for my bestie! We wined, dined, and danced the night away. Perfect in every way - we wound up seated to the nicest couples and all of us chatted and danced. They even announced my friend's name and...continued

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Veronica Faithe.
Review from Veronica Faithe.
30 events 15 reviews

We spent most of our time near shorelines that were unlit and frankly, quite boring. If you want an evening cruise on the Potomac, this is quite nice. The glass-enclosed boat with table seating is a great way to experience the river and...continued

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Carlos Munoz
Review from Carlos Munoz
41 events 11 reviews

Cruise departed an hour before scheduled! … 60+ were left ashore dumbfounded. We were celebrating my father-in-law's 80th birthday … not happy at all that this had to happen on a special occasion. Will never purchase for this event!

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Todd Minners
Review from Todd Minners
30 events 11 reviews

I went for dinner w/ a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I don't know if it was because I got "cheap" Goldstar tix, but I was disappointed we were seated right next to the band, especially since our group had 2 people in their...continued

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Review from Alice
26 events 10 reviews

I highly recommend the evening cruise if you go. I bought tickets for my family, and everybody said it was a cool way to view the monuments. The outside temperature was unusually perfect, so we went outside to watch the sun set over the Potomac as...continued

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The Doctor
Review from The Doctor
142 events 9 reviews

The brunch was exactly what I'd hoped for on a leisurely afternoon date. First, the food selection was well suited to diverse tastes and offered an array of choices for breakfast fans (waffles, bacon, fruits, pastries, pancakes, french toast) and...continued

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Review from Jsmiles
33 events 9 reviews

The food was great. The music was awesome. Even though it rained, we were glad the cruise went all the way to Georgetown. Great cruise.

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Deb Bearor
Review from Deb Bearor
9 events 8 reviews

This started out as a nice cruise, the people who attended at the start of the brinch were dressed very nicely, were polite and friendly, no line up for the buffet line. Then 5 minutes before we were to "shove off", it seemed like a busload of...continued

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Dale Beeby
Review from Dale Beeby
12 events 7 reviews

Celebrating a surprise 90th birthday for a dear friend, the Odyssey crew outdid themselves in making our evening the most memorable ever!!! All of our guests were thrilled with the wonderful food, waiter's vigilance, musician's talent, and every ...continued

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Linda L. Ivey-Lewis
Review from Linda L. Ivey-Lewis
31 events 7 reviews

I felt like a queen from the moment we boarded! The service to our table was outstanding. The food was delicious and the music and singers were so good that we danced till we couldn't dance any more!We were dressed in formal attire and expected...continued

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Crystal Carlson
Review from Crystal Carlson
10 events 7 reviews

I had a great time, but I can be easy to entertain. It was a beautiful day, so after we finished our brunch (which included champagne, juice, soda, tea, and coffee), we went outside to enjoy the views. Before we left, there was some commentary...continued

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marisa rivera
Review from marisa rivera
11 events 7 reviews

I went to celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend. The ambiance was very nice for a date and everyone was dressed up. One couple even got engaged during dinner. The band was amazing and I must say the highlight of the cruise. We and many others...continued

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Angela Besch
Review from Angela Besch
55 events 7 reviews

It was a really enjoyable evening and the views were great.

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Ms. Pam
Review from Ms. Pam
16 events 7 reviews

Loved it, I had a wonderful time.

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Michelle Redskinsalldayeveryday
Review from Michelle Redskinsalldayeveryday
21 events 7 reviews

My husband and I went on the Odyssey to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. As always, I received an amazing price from Golddstar and saved over $100 as opposed to buying the tickets directly from tge cruise company. I then called Odyssey directly...continued

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James Dougherty
Review from James Dougherty
9 events 7 reviews

The experience was very enjoyable, from the time that we were greeted entering the boat to the time that we exited. The crew and servers were very attentive, cordial and helpful. The food we excellent, Timothy our server was fabulous and the band...continued

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Rosemary Piesco
Review from Rosemary Piesco
27 events 7 reviews

We had a great time. Service and food were excellent.

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