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Margarita Lopez
Review from Margarita Lopez
Red Velvet 141 events 7 reviews

Michael was entertaining, amusing and amazing! I'm still wondering how he knew all of it!

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Leslie Baldwin
Review from Leslie Baldwin
50 events 27 reviews

Interesting show. Michael is a very engaging performer. We know there are "tricks" to the act and were distracted by trying to figure out what they were, but it's a fun show and he pulls it off very well. About the venue - we did not realize...continued

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Review from Jerry
55 events 21 reviews

Really good show, small venue (basement of Eno Wine Bar, seats 20 people max). Show was an hour and forty minutes. Lots of audience participation. Free Sunday parking on the street. They let you in about 5 mins before show time, so don't show...continued

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Jenny Goldman
Review from Jenny Goldman
26 events 10 reviews

We had the most fun! Michael is an incredible magician and mind reader fortuneteller. It really was a fun couple of hours. I would definitely go again. Very surprising and refreshing experience. Michael is truly amazing.

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Brenda Plotnik Holt
Review from Brenda Plotnik Holt
14 events 9 reviews

Very entertaining! He’s quite amazing. A fun afternoon.

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Review from donalucoultice
45 events 8 reviews

Jon is pretty remarkable...although the individual stunts are generally ones I have seen before.

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Stephanie Steigman
Review from Stephanie Steigman
23 events 7 reviews

I think we went into the show as skeptics and came out true believers in the capabilities of Michael Jon. We were blown away by a few things he did. We are planning to go back to see his new show when it comes to DC.

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Review from Andrea
16 events 5 reviews

This show was so much fun! Michael Jons is funny and talented. He kept everyone very engaged with his humor and interactive approach and amazed all of us with the things he did. The venue was intimate and very comfortable with a yummy selection of...continued

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Judith Ross
Review from Judith Ross
28 events 4 reviews

Eh.. expensive and I thought it would be more spectacular. Not sure I believe him. Venue cold and small.. fruit flies buzzing around. I wouldn’t go again .

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Sherry Chen
Review from Sherry Chen
27 events 4 reviews

He is amazing! The experience was unbelievable, I Hope his prediction for me will be true!

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Review from RBE
16 events 4 reviews

The comfortable and charming basement at Eno Wine Bar in G'town is the perfect venue for this show. Michael is a true showman, providing a fast-paced presentation which culminates in some jaw-dropping revelations about each other. He's either...continued

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Review from TORITA
28 events 3 reviews

Original, witty, will blow your mind.... and I was an skeptic.

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Review from Blau7103
2 events 2 reviews

An entertaining and amusing show -- Michael Jons offers a fine combination of mentalism and magic.

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Aaron Ellis
Review from Aaron Ellis
3 events 2 reviews

I couldn’t figure out how Mr. Jons was able to divine the answers to the many situations and audiences questions he devised, so it was kind of spooky and good fun.

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Review from Jen
18 events 2 reviews

It was a super fun show, and my kids really enjoyed it as well! It’s a small venue, and he includes all audience members in his act. Very enjoyable!

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C Kauzor
Review from C Kauzor
1 event 1 review

5 Stars! Loved it! What a great experience! Michael Jon is very entertaining and my mind is blown! DON'T MISS OUT ON AN AMAZING TIME!!

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Laurie Duperier
Review from Laurie Duperier
9 events 1 review

Absolutely fantastic! I have no idea how he does what he does, and he is so entertaining you never stop smiling. Go see this show!

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Glenn Deskins
Review from Glenn Deskins
6 events 1 review

Amazing evening! Would highly recommend.


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Review from Coconut
11 events 1 review

blow my mine thank micheal

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Jeanette Filderman
Review from Jeanette Filderman
1 event 1 review

Michael Jons was wonderful! Very entertaining, and right on target with his predictions.

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