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Review from Tracy
Red Velvet 57 events 20 reviews

What a powerful production. The three characters were amazing. It made me take a real look at myself because I was the mom. I have not gotten closure and this helped me realize this. Amazing amazing show.

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Scathing but sweet
Review from Scathing but sweet
Red Velvet 256 events 15 reviews

I wanted to like this show - but I couldn't. The first half is funny, touching, and good - then it goes off the rails. Although the show clocks in at only 80min, I looked at my watch so many times in the last 20min, dying to escape. Yep, that...continued

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Corinne in DC
Review from Corinne in DC
Red Velvet 126 events 10 reviews

Simplistic cliched story and dialogue. Cutesy. Artificial and contrived acting. Surprised Mosaic did it.

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Kcin Andrex
Review from Kcin Andrex
75 events 28 reviews

Loved it!-Great acting and intriguing story line.

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Review from Alison
61 events 19 reviews

publicity somewhat misrepresented themes of this play. The play is gimmicky-- some gimmicks are cute, some don't work or get tiresome. Plot is unnecessarily unclear. Acting is fine- they did the most with what they were given.

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Review from Joan
64 events 15 reviews

Enjoyable. Stayed for the discussion afterwards and it clarified several questions that I had. Yes, I recommend this play.

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Stacey Joy Graham
Review from Stacey Joy Graham
27 events 11 reviews

Awesome performance and writing - funny, thought-provoking, interesting and entertaining.

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Cw Sr
Review from Cw Sr
32 events 10 reviews

Nice story, good structure and out-of-sequence scene setup to keep us guessing. Story started a bit slow and as a guy, I fought sleepiness in the early going - if there was an intermission I may have not returned for 2nd act. As it was, I'm glad...continued

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Review from Scooter
235 events 8 reviews

Moving, funny, and original.

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James Amedeo
Review from James Amedeo
23 events 7 reviews

A script that should have never seen the light of day. Banal. Trite. Awful. Actors did the best with what they were given but it was thin gruel.

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Donna Phillips
Review from Donna Phillips
41 events 5 reviews

Wonderful, thought provoking play. I would highly recommend it!

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C Richardson
Review from C Richardson
31 events 4 reviews

Very Entertaining Performances!

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Jacqueline Dorsey
Review from Jacqueline Dorsey
3 events 3 reviews

I enjoyed the play. I liked the venue. The experience was wonderful. I would return for future events.

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Review from Phyllis
27 events 2 reviews

The acting was wonderful, but I didn't understand the play after Griff and woman got married. Also, I didn't care for the staging, except for the wardrobe props. The stage was too sparse.

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Mauricio Castro
Review from Mauricio Castro
0 events 1 review

Funny, interesting and entertaining! The cast did a great job!

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Felicia A. Thomas
Review from Felicia A. Thomas
3 events 1 review

I Loved It!!!!!!!

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Felicia Thomas
Review from Felicia Thomas
1 event 1 review

This was a great play, truly enjoyed it.

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Mark Johnson
Review from Mark Johnson
5 events 1 review

Well acted
Good energy
Fun and funny
A slice of humanity that touches your heart

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