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Alisa Mandel
Review from Alisa Mandel
48 events 28 reviews

The musical was pretty good .
Strange though how Goldstar sells tickets . The whole row in front of us was free. And a lot more seats around closer to stage also were available .

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Review from jfarro
36 events 23 reviews

It was terrific. Shereen Ahmed who played Eliza has one of the greatest singing voices I’ve ever heard. My Fair Lady is one of the greatest shows to ever come out of Broadway, and this edition lives up to all expectations. I highly recommend it...continued

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Review from Mark-goldstar
38 events 22 reviews

Wonderful Broadway style production with nice singing, great acting, and a set that enhances the experience.

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Roz Timberg
Review from Roz Timberg
66 events 17 reviews

Excellent production of an all time and personal favorite!

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Clare Bachner
Review from Clare Bachner
28 events 12 reviews

It was great seats and an outstanding performance !

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Review from Sarab
40 events 12 reviews

The singing and dancing were very good. The sets were outstanding!

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Shirley Fried
Review from Shirley Fried
19 events 9 reviews

I had a little bit of difficulty understanding the lyrics because of the British/cockney accents, but the acting, singing , dancing were first-rate. My seat was better than I expected, and I was grateful for that.

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Arthur Lerner
Review from Arthur Lerner
18 events 8 reviews

My Fair Lady is the best musical ever bar none and this production is magnificent. Shereen Ahmed is breathtaking and spellbinding. Her voice is magical. If she does not become a superstar of entertainment, there must be a recount.

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Irene Trowell-Harris
Review from Irene Trowell-Harris
27 events 7 reviews

Heart warming, great performance and beautiful costumes.

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Review from Landsburg
11 events 6 reviews

Terrific show appropriate for every age. The acting and singing were great. A very happy, and uplifting production with ingenious sets.

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Review from Bmujica
18 events 6 reviews

Wonderful show, one of the best I’ve seen at the Kennedy Center. I took my grandchildren, and it was a terrific introduction to musical comedy for them. Great cast, great voices, great music, great sets. Loved the unexpected twist at the end.

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Review from shu
24 events 5 reviews

Incredible performance. The actress is so talented.

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Ronald Schoolnick
Review from Ronald Schoolnick
7 events 5 reviews

Terrific show. Good acting, terrific costumes, very good sets, excellent voices.
Alot of fun andf very entertaining.

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Frances Mazarella
Review from Frances Mazarella
8 events 4 reviews

I took my 13 year old grand daughter and we bought loved it. It was a little long though. But the songs and acting and scenery were superb. Just loved the sets and costumes.

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Review from Daiva
24 events 4 reviews

So much to like, but! Something was wrong with the sound system and people could not hear well nor could we understand the words and the jokes. Very very frustrating. Additionally, the show is way too long – over three hours! You might not mind...continued

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Tracy L. Thomas
Review from Tracy L. Thomas
13 events 4 reviews

The show was delightful. Great night at the theater and our tier one seats were good.

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Review from Jtaime
13 events 3 reviews

The show was engaging and funny The sets and costumes were beautifully designed. The entire cast were very talented and amazing.

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Review from Chubby
25 events 2 reviews

A little too me too. No chemistry between Doolittle and Higgins. Drag queens? Must they be in everything. Should have left after the first act

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Review from Snglxpkmom
6 events 2 reviews

Excellent experience! We had fantastic seats and the show was absolutely wonderful! Excellent voices, gorgeous sets and beautiful costumes. Couldn’t ask for better or more!

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Edward Hoffman
Review from Edward Hoffman
3 events 2 reviews

Great show and great seats.

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