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Thanks for the great seat. I was worried about being in the second tier but it was a great view of the breathtaking set of the play!

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Patricia St.Thomas
Review from Patricia St.Thomas
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This production of My Fair Lady was an outstanding Broadway quality performance at the Kennedy center ! I grew up loving theater; started going to NY Broadway shows at age 10 with my family, and lived in NJ, near the Paper Mill Playhouse ! ...continued

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Arturo Fresco
Review from Arturo Fresco
3 events 2 reviews

We really enjoyed this performance.

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Ivetta Hakobyan
Review from Ivetta Hakobyan
19 events 1 review

A stunning show, great production and excellent performance!
And seats were good too.

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Cheryl Roeske
Review from Cheryl Roeske
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Beautiful show! It is a visual feast with lovely costumes, witty lines and all your favorite songs sung with passion. We enjoyed the evening very much.

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Review from Theatergoer
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Best parts: Eliza's truly outstanding voice! And the choreographed staging of scene changes.

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Mario Orellana
Review from Mario Orellana
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Couldn’t understand the main actress. I don’t know why we still have shows that denounce poverty and women

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Gary Arlen
Review from Gary Arlen
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Excellent staging and wonderful music and performance. Some of the dialogue was hard to hear.

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Linda T. Giammattei
Review from Linda T. Giammattei
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Excellent seats...and we all very much enjoyed the musical. Excellent performers.

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Lisa Fuller
Review from Lisa Fuller
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Nastran Andersen
Review from Nastran Andersen
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Great show! A little difficult to hear at times, but fantastic talent and stayed (99%) true to the original film. All the songs were wonderful and actors nailed it. We especially loved Eliza, Mr. Doolittle and Freddie!

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Review from Kent
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Great show and fabulous performances!

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Ian Newport
Review from Ian Newport
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Leading lady's attempted Cockney accent was awful. Could hardly understand what people were saying in the early scenes. Audience was more or less flat during first half with very little energy emanating from the stage. Frankly, a huge...continued

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Natasha Prymak
Review from Natasha Prymak
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Shareen Ahmed is exquisite & regal as Eliza Doolittle. Her gorgeous voice rang in my ears hours after the show and I cannot wait to see her perform in years to come. She is breathtaking.

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Susan Hillson
Review from Susan Hillson
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This version of My Fair Lady stays close to the original with a twist at the end. The singing, dancing, costumes and staging were wonderful. Sam Simahk steals the show with his melodic voice, warmth and personality. Go see it while you can.

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Susan M. Greco
Review from Susan M. Greco
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What a talented cast! Gorgeous sets!

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