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Review from Sweetness2
Red Velvet 78 events 11 reviews

We stayed a week in DC and housed in the Newseum Residences above this venue so it only appeared natural we would visit the museum While it came "highly recommended" by a friend I would have to say it did not suit the taste of our party of three...continued

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Review from JayBee100
Red Velvet 33 events 4 reviews

I enjoyed the Newseum exhibits and the views it offers. I spent a day there. I don't think I'd go again, given the cost and the availability of so many free things to see in Washington. The several National Galleries of the Smithsonian are...continued

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Bob Jackson
Review from Bob Jackson
206 events 94 reviews

Everything was extremely well done. More interesting than I thought it would be.

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Review from Brendaj_99
29 events 21 reviews

Good experience to read and learn about news and news making.

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Mt Whitney
Review from Mt Whitney
38 events 17 reviews

I loved the Newseum. Very engaging though 'heady'! Great historical review, interesting perspectives, occasional comic relief, and heart wrenching as well. I went 3 days in a row!

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Review from Jillian
25 events 17 reviews

This is a great museum, I’m sad I’ve never taken the time to come before and now it’s closing at the end of the year. Give yourself a lot of time, I was here for 2.5 hours but I definitely could have stayed for longer!

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Review from TrevorG
19 events 11 reviews

This is a museum about news that has no information about news as an industry, journalism as a profession, or the distinctions between different forms of news delivery (print, radio, TV, film, digital, etc). It also has an exhibit about the FBI...continued

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Kate Nardone
Review from Kate Nardone
14 events 10 reviews

Allow plenty of time, you'll need it! Or plan on going back the next day, your ticket is good for two consecutive days. Too many highlights to list but seeing a portion of the Berlin Wall & Watch Tower was truly moving.

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Tom Altizer
Review from Tom Altizer
7 events 7 reviews

Outstanding! So much to see. Fortunately tickets are good for entry on 2 consecutive days. Not to be missed!

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Review from Minigolf36
15 events 5 reviews

nice experience!

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Tiffany Dukes
Review from Tiffany Dukes
5 events 3 reviews

Always a great museum even for a local! Grateful for these goldstar deals to motivate me!

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Sushila Nair
Review from Sushila Nair
8 events 3 reviews

I love Newseum. I have been to many museums around the world and this is me of my absolute favorites. It follows the evolution of news from the early pamphlet to Twitter and poses the very relevant question of what is news. Wonderful news from all...continued

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Abby Smith
Review from Abby Smith
10 events 3 reviews

The Newseum was awesome! We saw all of the JFK exhibits, which were exceptionally well done. We spent 2 full days there and could have easily spent a week there. A really fun museum and makes a great date for couples,but also suitable for...continued

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Review from mkelley
12 events 2 reviews

Amazing and interesting exhibits! Well worth the money, and you'll want to plan for 2 days. Don't miss this awesome museum!!!

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Review from Lrankintx
5 events 2 reviews

Even though we love the Smithsonian museums, the Newseum is awesome. Our group ranged in age from 25 to 70 and we all found it one of the most interesting museums in DC!

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Review from Vendetta
22 events 2 reviews

Excellent and informative

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Review from Barbara
6 events 2 reviews

It was chilling to see the great wall, and look back to the past. I liked the front page of various newspapers throughout the U.S., and how they are changed daily. There is plenty to sit and watch too, and I like how some journalists are...continued

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Review from icbubblestoo
6 events 2 reviews

One of the best in DC the staff if helpful, the exhibits are exceptional and the cafe is delightful!

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Review from Myself
5 events 2 reviews

The Pulitzer Prize winning photo exhibit was closed and the only way to see the Front Page exhibit was to walk over a bridge crossing a 6 story high atrium. Not for the faint hearted or those who suffer from vertigo.

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Holly Chang
Review from Holly Chang
5 events 2 reviews

They had an anchorman display on a whole floor, which I thought was inappropriate. I did like some of the news photography on display from the Civil Rights Era. The museum was overall disappointing.

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