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William Grote
Review from William Grote
Red Velvet 350 events 230 reviews

It seems strange to say I loved a play with such a tragic story, but this was a top-notch production. The acting was superb from the most junior to the more senior. I bought the ticket because there was nothing else happening Sat. nightand...continued

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Coralie Farlee
Review from Coralie Farlee
Red Velvet 231 events 82 reviews

This is a difficult experience to "love." It's VERY moving and relevant. A good sociological view of impact on the total family of one incident. Tremendous possibilities for discussions & action: gun/ammunition control; social...continued

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Dan Potter
Review from Dan Potter
284 events 238 reviews

A single word to describe this show would be "devastating". Not the quality of the show, but the emotional free fall the audience is dragged through as the show progresses. The contrasting experiences of the younger and older daughter were...continued

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Review from DH1
306 events 228 reviews

Well performed show about an intense subject that is trending in America today...gun violence. There was a good talk-back session afterwards.

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Laura Atwood
Review from Laura Atwood
118 events 42 reviews

Tiny theater, so you feel like you are in the characters' home. Strong performances and interesting/timely subject matter.

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Review from jan
55 events 30 reviews

Acting and writing and directing all very good.
The story is important for all to see and think about.

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Review from Taran
71 events 26 reviews

This play is absolutely mesmerizing. Adrienne Nelson as the mother is fantastic. Her performance builds from a scattered, simmering emotional turbulence to an emotional breakdown that had several audience members in tears. The acting throughout...continued

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Kcin Andrex
Review from Kcin Andrex
68 events 24 reviews

Very powerful play. Acting was excellent! I had friends who saw it and recommended it and I'm glad I saw it too. A very poignant message.

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Review from Alice
27 events 7 reviews

Thought-provoking and heartbreaking. It made my worries feel very small.

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Jeff Bogert
Review from Jeff Bogert
44 events 7 reviews

Very emotional experience. Great acting and excellent theater. Had some trouble with hearing the dialogue when actors faced toward the stage vs. the audience.

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Review from Psycmom
13 events 5 reviews

One in the Chamber was an incredibly well-written piece with performances to match. It lulls you into a bittersweet sense of recovery before thrusting you into a roller coaster ride of raw emotion. Noah Chiet, Adrienne Nelson, and Danielle...continued

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Review from LetaB
11 events 4 reviews

This play is amazing. The cast did a stand-up job!!!! I would love to see it again. The intimate setting of the venue made you feel as if you were really in the room with them. The story line was timely and sent you on an emotional roller...continued

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Sheila M.
Review from Sheila M.
151 events 3 reviews

Highly recommend. High quality acting - great ensemble cast. A difficult issue addressed in a compelling and thoughtful manner. They are doing a series of talk backs after select performances. I found the talk back to enhance the entire experience.

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Review from Michael
19 events 3 reviews

It was really intense. I enjoyed the play.

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Review from shelemm
23 events 3 reviews

The entire experience was gripping from the first second to the last. A tremendous experience to see such great acting so close up. You will be shaken up, but in a way that will stay with you and be a postive force for a long time to come. I...continued

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Review from Reesie
21 events 3 reviews

Very good acting.

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Review from dl
11 events 1 review

Excellent show - both the storyline and the acting. A don't miss production.

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