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Jane Jasper
Review from Jane Jasper
Red Velvet 122 events 27 reviews

One of the best this year- great script-great cast

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Review from patmclagan
Red Velvet 61 events 13 reviews

Very interesting insights into a sad history of seemingly perpetual conflict. Well acted. thank you.

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Review from Elliot
Red Velvet 15 events 2 reviews

Notwithstanding a fire alarm and evacuation of the theater into the rain, the evening was a success because the play is well-written, informative, and presented unerringly (although accents wandered a little bit) and dramatically.

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Philip C Brown
Review from Philip C Brown
178 events 97 reviews

I first saw “Oslo” two years ago in New York when it was all the rage. I saw it with international visitors including people from Palestine, Tunisia and Libya. I was extremely impressed by the work, especially by how the action kept going at a...continued

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Review from spdavis5
107 events 70 reviews

Outstanding drama. Superb acting. Great insights into the problems and possibilities in the Middle East.
Great Goldstar seats in the front row.

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Beverly With
Review from Beverly With
89 events 58 reviews

It's absolutely one of the best plays we've seen in years. Bravo Round House for putting together a stellar cast to tell an intriguing and nuanced story. Fabulous!

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Review from jfarro
35 events 22 reviews

Oslo is a great play about actual events in the 1990s. The original Broadway production won the Tony for best drama. The story starts with a back channel negotiation between Israel and the PLO which eventually led to a peace agreement. The...continued

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Review from Lynn
39 events 14 reviews

I thought this was a great production, it moved quickly and really shared the conflicts and concerns of the time.

I highly recommend this production of Oslo!!

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Bill Weissman
Review from Bill Weissman
23 events 13 reviews

Well written and excellent acting.

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Review from Patty
33 events 8 reviews

A wee bit long, but a solid and enjoyable production.

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Judy W.
Review from Judy W.
11 events 7 reviews

Show was excellent. Script and acting extremely good. Show was a tad too long coming in at 2 hours, 50 minutes (a 15 minute intermission). I had a great seat in the third row.

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Stephanie Steigman
Review from Stephanie Steigman
23 events 7 reviews

We thoroughly enjoyed this show. The acting was great, the story compelling. The time just flew by.

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Adele Seeff
Review from Adele Seeff
17 events 6 reviews

Excellent production, excellent script. All actors were excellent, particularly the two leads.
Only caveat: second half was too long and could stand to be edited and tightened.

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Review from Deenie
60 events 6 reviews

Play was excellent, riveting, moving.
However, the seats were horrible. This venue always gives Goldstar customers the absolute worst treatment - I thought I’d give the Landsburg another shot after previous poor seats but they remained consistent...continued

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Review from cosman
103 events 6 reviews

The play and performance was, in a word, superb!

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Eleanor Shumaker
Review from Eleanor Shumaker
40 events 6 reviews

The play was good, but too long. There were things that could have been omitted without hurting the story line. The venue was nice, the ushers were considerate, and the seats were great for a handicapped person.

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Review from David
28 events 5 reviews

Excellent production. The cast and staging were excellent. You easily see why this play won the Tony award when it was on Broadway.

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Elizabeth Maloney
Review from Elizabeth Maloney
41 events 5 reviews

Oslo is one of the best plays I've seen - the script and the acting were excellent!

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Donna Phillips
Review from Donna Phillips
41 events 5 reviews

Terrible seats bought on Goldstar months ago, this is our 3rd time when we purchased well in advance and were given poor seats. Therefore our visibility of play was limited. Very disappointing.

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Kathe Falzer
Review from Kathe Falzer
11 events 5 reviews

Three hours flew by! Great performance. Very relevant to today's political environment. Challenge is to expand the intimacy and conversation of a few negotiators in a controlled environment to the broader population.

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