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The Hills
Review from The Hills
Red Velvet 65 events 6 reviews

Stephen kept everyone's interest for the two hour tour. The depth of his knowledge enabled all of us to gain a deeper understanding of what the paintings really depicted. We would take the tour again if Stephen had a part 2 with 40 different...continued

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Review from Silverla
Red Velvet 29 events 4 reviews

Disorganized and lackluster

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Emmanuel Vaughn
Review from Emmanuel Vaughn
Red Velvet 9 events 3 reviews

Stephen, the tour guide is so knowledgeable. He is very helpful with any questions we had and he is also sensitive to anyone with a disability. He is great and provides information about paintings and the painters and the times that we would not...continued

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Review from DH1
344 events 236 reviews

I enjoyed the tour and the guide was personable and very knowledgeable. He presented facts and histories of the art works that you wouldn't get touring the museum on your own. Throughout the tour some people who were not with the initial group...continued

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Review from JuliaRP
38 events 24 reviews

Definitely worth it. Informative guide. Would recommend to all.

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Review from CAJ
28 events 16 reviews

Very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Would do another tour with him. If I recall correctly his name was Steven Mead.

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karen wilkins
Review from karen wilkins
18 events 13 reviews

The guide was friendly and knowledgeable. I learned a lot. It was a fun 2 hour experience.

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Review from Sarab
40 events 12 reviews

The tour guide is quite knowledgable with interesting information about the paintings he discusses. However, he is very idiosyncratic and clearly only discusses paintings that appeal to him. So the tour is interesting but not organized in a clear...continued

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Peggy H.
Review from Peggy H.
38 events 10 reviews

Stephen Mead is a fine docent who led the tour with skill and humor. The two hours flew by.

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Mary S Ellsworth
Review from Mary S Ellsworth
37 events 10 reviews

Tour guide Stephen Mead was interesting and provided lots of fascinating information on pre-selected works in various areas of the museum. The tour was well paced. The initial meet up was awkward due to incorrect info sent out with the...continued

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Review from Patty
33 events 8 reviews

The pieces selected for the tour were mostly from the Director's Choice list, which you can do on your own with the brochure or audio guide. Our group was large (about 40) which made it difficult to see the pieces and the details for which our...continued

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Gladys Pimentel
Review from Gladys Pimentel
52 events 6 reviews

Interesting and I learned a lot from every painting described by the tour guide. Thanks

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Review from Gusgol
21 events 6 reviews

The tour itself was excellent. I just wished that Goldstar had made clearer that the tour was NOT affiliated to the National Gallery of Art.

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Review from JEC
86 events 5 reviews

Our tour guide Stephen was very knowledgeable about the works of art we viewed and provided us with fun and interesting details that typical museum tours probably would not cover. Also, two hours was the perfect amount of time for this tour. I...continued

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Nancy Hicks
Review from Nancy Hicks
8 events 5 reviews

Our tour guide was excellent and made a good selection of art for the tour.

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Elizabeth Maloney
Review from Elizabeth Maloney
44 events 5 reviews

Our tour was excellent - covered lots of periods and provided excellent back-stories to the selected paintings.

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Review from Jdoffutt
53 events 5 reviews

The tour was very enjoyable. Our guide, Steven, was knowledgeable, informative, and highly entertaining.
I recommend this tour for anyone who is looking for an introduction to the many treasures of the National Gallery.
It will certainly...continued

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CA Thurston
Review from CA Thurston
29 events 4 reviews

Our guide Stephen was great! Very enjoyable and well thought out choices - a wonderful overview of the treasures at the National Gallery!

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Review from Tal
28 events 4 reviews

The National Gallery of Art is a wonderful museum. I love the West building and all the collections. Even though we had been to this Museum before, my friend and I booked a 2-hour private tour with Stephen Mead, a professional museum tour guide. ...continued

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Joseph Hight
Review from Joseph Hight
5 events 4 reviews

While guiding us to a selection of the art at the gallery Stephen Mead was entertaining and informative. He had a story to tell about each piece of art that he took us to view and pointed out details that would have escaped most of us if we were...continued

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