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Edward Faggen
Review from Edward Faggen
4 events 3 reviews

Clearly a highlights tour. No tour can do justice to this great art museum unless it is for several days and preceded by a class. But this is an excellent use of two hours to get an expert view of great art.

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Review from bklynsig
20 events 3 reviews

Didn't know where to meet guide - Goldstar's confirmation gave little clue. Had to call; was told "inside 6th & Constitution entrance"; but later I got an email saying "outside" of the entrance. Guide was on time and knowledgeable, and covered a...continued

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Dolores Ujevic
Review from Dolores Ujevic
13 events 3 reviews

Our guide, Steven, gave us many interesting facts, pointed at some details, hidden meanings, symbolisms, etc as well as explaining the period the various selected works took place, about the artist... Some of these paintings, I am sure, I would...continued

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Review from Johnnymara
5 events 3 reviews

Our tour guide, Stephen, was magnificent! It was one of the best tours we've ever attended. Stephen shared the history of each painting, the meta-data around the painting, the large issues surrounding the artist. He answered questions...continued

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Elizabeth Cogswell
Review from Elizabeth Cogswell
6 events 3 reviews

Stephen was wonderful, full of interesting artistic and historical references topped with quirky sense of humor. Loved the tour. Want to be apprised of his future and different tours.

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Jo Anna
Review from Jo Anna
13 events 3 reviews

Steven was knowledgeable and entertaining. Thanks for a fun tour.

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Review from Geri
16 events 3 reviews

Such an informative way to visit this museum. Our guide, Steve, was a raconteur who provided such interesting tidbits, and often with humor. Two hours of viewing selected works of art in a chronicle order. Anyone, even those with only a slight...continued

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Nancy Axelrod
Review from Nancy Axelrod
56 events 3 reviews

The guide was knowledgeable and very entertaining. Highly recommended.

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Review from Kmanzanares
16 events 3 reviews

The tour was fabulous. The guide was knowledgeable and pointed out things that I would have never noticed on my own. He also chose some smaller less famous paintings to show us. I highly recommend this tour.

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hazel scalia
Review from hazel scalia
11 events 3 reviews

this tour was exactly right, interesting information, overview of collection, also lots of laughing, fun and opportunity for tour member questions/comments.

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Elke Martin
Review from Elke Martin
3 events 2 reviews

Interesting tour; made me want to go back as there is so much more to see. Entertaining guide.

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Nancy L
Review from Nancy L
27 events 2 reviews

I’ve been on many art tour and Mr. Mead is one of the best if not the best guides.

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Review from Biteme
27 events 2 reviews

Knowledgeable, friendly guide. Recommended.

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B Smith
Review from B Smith
4 events 2 reviews

Our tour guide, Stephen, was knowledgeable and an entertaining person--the tour was just the right length of time and was very enjoyable. I would highly recommend it! (Note that the person manning the info desk at the National Gallery informed...continued

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Review from jjacksondc
13 events 2 reviews

Stephen Mead,our guide, is smart,energetic, and informative. He brought the paintings to life with his own love of art and incredible knowledge. Highly recommended!

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Rhonda Tildon
Review from Rhonda Tildon
25 events 2 reviews

The Religious Art Tour was excellent--I mean fabulous, and I would do that one again hands down. This one was good, but I wouldn't pay to see it again. The difference was that this tour focused on the gossip or stories behind what was depicted...continued

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Review from patrice
26 events 2 reviews

The tour was a lot of fun and very informative. The guide choose a selected number of paintings and spent a few minutes on each - just enough to keep it interesting - and then we walked through various rooms to the next painting. Very relaxing,...continued

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Joyce Stone
Review from Joyce Stone
5 events 2 reviews

Tour guide really brought the paintings to life. NOT a dry presentation at all. ?

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Review from dintym
13 events 2 reviews

Very engaging and well-done. Good mix of history, art appreciation, story-telling, and humor.

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Michael Smith
Review from Michael Smith
102 events 2 reviews

We really enjoyed this tour. It was more than we expected. The guide is extremely knowledgeable, humorous, and can tell a great story. He really makes these works of art come alive. Moreover, most of the pieces that he selected to show us are...continued

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